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That’s our running tally of states that have introduced so-called “heartbeat bills.” Shout out to Rewire for compiling these legislative lowlights. Do you have any idea how fucking infuriating this is? This is like the dinosaurs testing the fences in Jurassic Park to find a weakness, except dinos are smarter than anti-abortion politicians!

This shiz was JUST proven unconstitutional in Iowa. It’s always proven unconstitutional. Yet these bills keep doubling down, wasting taxpayer money. Like in Missouri their 15-week ban was JUST proven unconstitutional, and instead of being like “OK well we just essentially put all that money in a garbage can and set it on FIRE, let’s give this up” they were like “OK let’s do a 6-week ban then.”

We realize this is all to get to the Supreme Court, but honestly, to what end? You’re gonna bankrupt your state in legal fees… for what? For being one of ten states that joins some big case? I mean… come on, man. You know what you could be doing with all this money, helping actual CHILDREN. FIXING YOUR EDUCATION SYSTEM. PROVIDING PEOPLE HEALTHCARE.

This is dark but we think the best example of anti-abortion folks just NEVER quite getting it is this effing story of  a terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood in Missouri. It’s horrifying that someone allegedly set fire to this clinic, but… here’s the thing, they DON’T EVEN PERFORM ABORTIONS THERE. Planned Parenthood represents the villain SOOO much to these zygote loving sidewalk screamers that they DON’T EVEN BOTHER TO LOOK UP IF the PP in their state even… performs abortions.

Maybe these kind of extreme acts based on not having all the information are why ~*~*certain people~*~* shouldn’t use inflammatory lies about infanticide (which WE DO NOT SUPPORT AND WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE TO SAY) in speeches.

Have a good day and get on the ground to see if your state has a politician who has proposed one of these shitty bills! Because they just. Keep. coming.