Do you ever think back to when there was a literal MUSLIM BAN in this country? Or about how in early 2017 we all flocked to airports to protest this obviously racist, horrible Executive Order? And does it make you just want to crawl out of your skin? 

We bring this up now because every single day it is pretty fucking clear that the foundational religious freedom our country was FOUNDED ON  is more and more turning into “Christian” freedom. And if you actually cared about patriotism and liberty that would make you fucking sick.

But instead we get articles titled “New NY Law Forbids Religious Employers from Firing for Abortion” from the National Review and we JUST KNOW even before reading them that they’re gonna be hysterical garbage. IMAGINE thinking your right to FIRE SOMEONE is fundamental to free speech. IMAGINE IT!!!! This article goes from “delusion” to “mass hysteria” to “the foundation of this country is at stake so never vote for a Democrat again” SOOOO fast we cannot even handle it.

And honestly… Look, we’ll never be shocked at anything they do but this… just baffles us at a level we thought we’d become immune to. Because DOESN’T THIS LAW SEEM TO GO WITHOUT SAYING??? Like, you can’t fire someone because they had an abortion. Sure, this country is a garbage heap but… shouldn’t this go without saying? You can’t tell your employees how to live their fricking lives outside of work. It’s like, if I wanna go to three separate Zumba classes in two separate boroughs in one weekend there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, BOSS!

So…. to say that… this is a FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUE. WHAT A FUCKING STRETCH! Your first amendment right… to fire someone? 

“This law shows that progressives intend to shatter religious liberty as it applies in the public square.”

Um yes, no duh. And this also brings up something fundamental about the anti-abortion argument. They honestly think “freedom” and “religious liberty” means you get to INFLICT your religion on others. NO IT SHOULD MEAN YOU CAN VISIT THIS COUNTRY EVEN IF YOU ARE A MUSLIM BUT GUESS FUCKING NOT BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A HELLHOLE.

We actually were kinda hoping to read what nonsense situation they think could THREATEN AMERICA in which someone like on their weekend gets an abortion and then NEEDS TO BE FIRED. And….

“Or, as another example, a visibly pregnant teacher at a Catholic school could obtain an abortion, and the school would be prevented from taking any remedial action regarding her employment under threat of litigation.”

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Oh yeah, what if a teacher who was pregnant was not pregnant!!!! Oh nooooo! THESE POOR CHILDREN! Forced to see someone gain some weight and then lose some weight. Also like… if this dumbass situation they made up did actually happen… you know what would actually happen? The fucking nosy-ass co-workers of this poor woman would chastise her so much that she would quit. We all know this. We all feel this, in this hypothetical. Right? 

But OK, so we bring up this National Review article not just to dunk on how truly unhinged it is … but… OK mainly to do that. Because, friends, THIS IS THE LAST PARAGRAPH (the set up “This much is clear: Progressives intend to shatter religious liberty as it applies in the public square, shriveling the First Amendment’s guarantee to a mere freedom of worship.”)

“If they ever retake the national government, federal power will be harnessed toward attaining the same end. At the risk of echoing our friend Rod Dreher, religious organizations would be wise to start planning their responses now. Because the whirlwind is coming.”

THIS IS A LAW ABOUT EMPLOYERS NOT BEING ABLE TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WORKERS!!! THEY ARE ACTING LIKE IT IS THE FUCKING PLAGUE! You cannot just act your religion on everyone who works for you. That’s part of freedom of religion, you dunces! If any other religion forced ANY part of their religion on Catholics you KNOW they’d be UP IN FUCKING ARMS (they can’t even handle us not saying “Christmas”). But GOD FORBID people be able to make their own reproductive rights decisions.

So let us just say, we are the whirlwind!! We are coming. And we’ll get bodily autonomy. So be ready.