Here’s the thing: we never really think we’re being controversial here. Is it controversial to believe people should have control of their bodies? Of course not! But like… we do troll some times! We have fun! And we usually know when there will be pushback. BUT WE COULD NEVER IMAGINE that the thing that would give the anti-choicers SUCH ANGER WOULD BE OUR FUCKING CATS MEME about ectopic pregnancies.

Y’all we as a thought experiment try to get into their heads… a lot. And it’s just… impossible. Like, for instance, last week we talked about that Atlantic article that said the best argument for both sides was good. But for our side the argument was “body autonomy” and for theirs it was “sonograms are detailed.” And it was like “Their best argument ISN’T EVEN AN ARGUMENT. It’s still promoting forced birth! 

That’s why it’s impossible to be actually empathetic towards them. A lot of us love babies, love finding out our friends are pregnant, STILL DON’T WANT TO FORCE EVERYONE WHO GETS PREGNANT TO HAVE A BABY. 

And this ectopic pregnancy thing… another example of how hard it is to be empathetic with them. Cuz guys, KNOW WHEN TO TAKE THE FUCKING L. Ectopic pregnancies cannot be re-implanted. It’s not a CONTROVERSIAL thing to say. It’s not controversial… from any standpoint. Even the FEDERALIST, noted garbage, had to retract a story where a woman tried to argue that ectopic pregnancies could survive!! It’s not a thing. It’s ridiculous that it’s even part of the conversation. Because like, if ectopic pregnancies COULD be reimplanted… we’d be PRO THAT. If someone had a wanted pregnancy and there was science to support this procedure WE’D SUPPORT IT. But there isn’t. WE CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN OUR MOST COMMENTED ON BY ANTI-CHOICERS post of the week.

But let’s be honest we know the reason it’s controversial to them. It’s because they don’t want to ever imagine a situation where an abortion could be good or life-saving. So they just pretend none of these situations exist. But there are MANY people who could tell you a situation in their life that proves otherwise. 

This mentality leads them down some backwards tracks. LIKE for instance, this new Pennsylvania bill that would make you BURY OR CREMATE fertilized eggs. JESUS CHRIST GUYS! 

So let us just end this by saying the NOT controversial statement: Abortion saves lives.

Have a good weekend!