Many of our AAF fam have  hit the road for the second leg of our #AbortionAF tour! First stop, Austin for an incredible show TOMORROW, the 17th! Get your tickets now if you haven’t already, AUSTIN! And then on to HOUSTON! BATON ROUGE!

And while they’re away, we’re holding down the fort here, just trying to let Facebook publish ads for the shows by sending them our social security cards, our last 12 addresses, and all our college transcripts, because Facebook has classified doing abortion rights advocacy as “political speech.”  And to make things even harder, supporters of accurate medical information surrounding abortion, seem to be discounted and it’s gotten really bad. 

Check this out: anti-abortion zealot Lila Rose (oh she of the middle part and betraying women everywhere with her every waking breath) is a lobbyist for big anti-abortion and her group Live Action (which has 2.5 million Facebook followers and regularly gets over a million views on their videos of people yelling about how much they hate abortion) posted a video that said there was never a medical need for an abortion. You know, the way to gain an audience is to sound like their shitty insurance company denying coverage on preventative care. But anyway, it’s obviously a lie, the weird-ass lie anti-abortion people are REALLY pushing now because they went to PR school where Lila gets her hair done. Facebook posted a fact check on the video because a bunch of REAL doctors were like “OK there are INDEED some medically necessary reasons to get an abortion, here, indeed are hundreds of examples.” BUT OH BOY DID THOSE IDIOTS at L*** Ac**** get UPSET at this and they got a few senators — Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Kevin Cramer, and Mike Braun — to intervene and say “Hey, no fair, why should they have to tell the truth when WE NEVER DO.” And FACEBOOK CAVED!

And this IS JUST ONE VIDEO. These fools lie all the time UNCHECKED and it is TERRIFYING that Facebook isn’t taking a more definitive stance on something that is DEFINITELY a lie.

And also, we don’t think we should still have to argue this. The people who DO get medically necessary abortions have HAD TO TELL THEIR TRAGIC stories so many times! We’ve proved this time and time AGAIN! Why do we have to KEEP fighting it. And furthermore, who gets to decide what’s “medically necessary”? Too often we have seen extremists tell us the life of a pregnant person should be considered last. We say the person having the abortion, and medical experts know best. Not politicians, not anti choice zealots.  

Shame on Facebook for ignoring facts and putting lives at risk.