A Cardinal in New York said the Reproductive Health Act gives New York an “almost pro-abortion atmosphere.” And to that we say GOOD honestly! Let’s end abortion stigma in New York and everywhere!

We know who we are and what we believe. But… let us just say… yeessshhhhh y’all want to pretend we believe some nonsense that we don’t.

Let’s start with true-enemy-to-common-sense-and-empathy Kriiiisttaannn Hawkins who wrote an article titled “Abortion-Loving Men’s Favorite Abortion Trends,” a true nightmare of headline etiquette but probably a pretty good SEO grab.

So in this article for Townhall she argues that people who support abortion must love abusive men, because, you know, reasons. But she is literally describing NO REASONABLE PERSON WHO SUPPORTS THE RHA. Like, guess what, we ALSO think that it’s terrible that a man would try to slip his pregnant girlfriend the abortion pill. We’re pro-abortion when the person wants the procedure (or the pill), not just in ANY circumstance. No fucking duh! It’s so disingenuous to argue that we’re in any way connected to garbage people who would do this to someone without their permission.

And then she talks about a case where a man murdered his pregnant ex-girlfriend. She says, “What does this say to other abusive men targeting their preborn children? Perhaps to make New York their destination of choice?” Um… this is the most fear-mongering nonsense we’ve ever read. So you think an abusive man is just gonna… travel to New York to murder his pregnant girlfriend? Like, from anywhere? Or just if he’s near?

And also, again, NO FUCKING DUH WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO MURDER PREGNANT PEOPLE. It’s again, so fucking disingenuous to make this kinda argument. And guess what, as you can PROBABLY already guess, it’s still illegal to murder someone in New York. Like, this isn’t some insanely nuanced thing that the Reproductive Health Act is a loophole for. IT IS LITERALLY NOT AT ALL.

The Reproductive Health Act takes abortion out of the criminal code. It should be out of the criminal code. So that means you can’t be charged with CRIMINAL ABORTION. However, there are still civil and criminal penalties in place that are MORE severe. Also the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence issued a statement in support of the Reproductive Health Act and we’re pretty sure they know more than Kristaannnnn.

And finally, we’d argue that the Reproductive Health Act is merciful to people going through something heartbreaking. Which everyone needs to see.

But guess who is still blind to this? Catholic groups who are doubling down efforts to remind pregnant people for the thousandth time that there are other option.  But in this case, that’s NOT EVEN TRUE, it’s actively cruel. A person facing the decision of a third trimester abortion isn’t going to be able to PRAY away a tragic fetal abnormality. A little help from the Church isn’t going to make a fetus suddenly grow the way it’s supposed to grow. I mean, would that it could, but… it can’t. And pretending this is all about love and compassion while shaming someone whose body has betrayed them… is not Godlike at all. It’s cruel.