Well, you might be like “Man, 2019 has really been going a while, summer’s almost over, it’s almost the holiday season.” And to that we would say SLOW YOUR ROLL but also, fall forever.

But yes, it is deep in 2019 and yet… Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is JUST today! Quick reminder: Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is the day to which a black woman would have to work to make as much as her male counterpart last year. IT’S ALMOST NEXT YEAR THOUGH, GUYS! 

Part of us wonders if these days do anything to shock… men. Or if they’re just constant reminders to us like “Gah, this is effing bleak.” We hope that when mediocre white men see this they at least… feel bad! 

LOL also we SAW an article that was like “Here’s How to Negotiate For a Higher Salary FOR #BlackWomensEqualPayDay!” And we just wanna say: TODAY IS NOT THE DAY. 

Today is about all the barriers that are put up for black women to jump over to try to reach equality.

And one of those barriers is REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM! People of color are disproportionately affected by abortion bans and tightening reproductive restrictions (like these Title X cuts)! Black maternal mortality rates are ATROCIOUSLY high! We cannot have economic freedom without reproductive freedom. And that includes the freedom to have an abortion and also the freedom to be able to afford to raise a child safely! 

So today and every day we leave you with this: LISTEN TO BLACK WOMEN. As the wonderful Dr. Monica McLemore says “It amazes me that researchers and policy makers don’t understand that the people we serve are experts in their own lives.” 

Black women are experts in their own lives. Give them the respect and cash they deserve!