You know who’s in the news again who we can’t stand? Democrat edition?  Anti-abortion democrat Dan Lipinski (no relation to Tara) who’s back on his bullshit speaking at the March For Life. You know it’s one thing to be a POS, but you gotta fully commit, my dude. Not… conveniently not go when you’re running because you don’t want to be associated with trump but now that you’re elected be like “Yeah this is always who I’ve been.”

Readers, it has to be said: sometimes people are just annoying and sad and it is depressing. Enter this  judge in Texas who just admitted that he was confused by the arguments about TRAP laws. Look, we get that it’s kinda bureaucratic nonsense, but… come on, you’re the judge, you gotta figure it out! It makes us worried that TRAP laws are just always gonna exist because judges will be like “Wait, WHY do pregnant people have to stand on their head and say the alphabet backwards to get an abortion? It’s too confusing, the rule stands.”

And finally, let’s talk about our enemies over at LifeNews a blog that’s literal only function is to spew anti-abortion hate and propaganda but that still manages to miss the news by like, weeks. Any way, we didn’t expect a story about how they’re so persecuted to boil our blood this much, but here we are. A HERO went around and tried to remove truly heinous posters of fetuses from around his campus, and then when that didn’t work he starts spray painting over the fetuses. It’s honestly, kind of great to watch. Just like “OK, if you’re gonna continue to put up this garbage propaganda, I’m just gonna kick over your signs.” But of COURSE he got arrested. But the thing that makes us really mad is he has to write an essay about the importance of the first amendment. DAMMIT WE KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT! It ALSO MEANS WE HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY THAT WE (QUOTING THIS GUY) FUCKING HATE ANTI-ABORTION PROTESTERS.

Truly annoying, bad people can become INSIDIOUS if they’re not checked. That’s why we call ‘em out early, when they’re just a virus of misinformation and disingenuous anger. AND BEFORE THEY BECOME FUCKING MIKE PENCE!