Today is National Haiku Poetry Day! We’re feeling very serene and happy and creative! In fact, we’ve been writing Haikus all morning. And we’d love you to share some of your own with us! #LPJLHaikuDay to play along:

New abortion ban
Eleven weeks Kentucky
Race to the bottom

Abstinence only
Teen pregnancy programs axed
We’re sure that will work

Forty-five years whine
Overturn Roe versus Wade
Settled law, bitches

Sidewalk protester
Yells “Murderer” at teen girl
Family values

Collection of cells
Still microscopic in size
Has more rights than you

Coat hanger, alley
You want to live in the past?
We’re not going back

Not yours to fuck with
Vagina patrolling pervs
Sovereign uterus

Door size, broom closet,
Type of shrubs, prescribed by law
Welcome to TRAP laws


In other news Pennsylvania continues to pass unconstitutional abortion bans, the J. Marion Sims statue is going to a the Greenwood Cemetery (where we hope it will be buried in the pond), and Maine finds that the first amendment DOESN’T mean you get to harass people as loud as your want!