It’s Teacher’s Appreciation Day! We love giving a huge shoutout to amazing teachers who shaped our life. But honestly, one day feels a little paltry. I mean, remember when kids used to bring in an apple for their teachers like, every day! Why did that stop being a thing? And also they should be paid a billion times more.

We digress! But one thing we especially wanted to highlight today is that teachers have so much responsibility in molding minds and they shouldn’t be kneecapped by shitty abstinence-only sex education policy. Like we’ve said, the teens are going to save the world, they can be told the truth about (gasp) birth control and condoms. They can HEAR THE WORD ABORTION. Increasingly petty attempts by parents to avoid “awkward conversations” with their kids only further prove how vital teachers, teaching the facts, really are.


In other news: One of our fave columns, “Abortion AMA” from Bustle, tackles Fake Clinics this week. Oh and we’re asking people to #GramtheVan if they see any of those creepy fake clinic vans around your town (and do NOT TAKE CANDY FROM THEM).