So what does abortion and the St. Louis Zoo have in common? Just wait…

In efforts to improve their infrastructure and conserve endangered species, the St. Louis Zoo has requested to boost their sales tax for visitors beyond city limits. In layman’s terms, the zoo wants to save some awesome animals and generate revenue that will contribute to the upkeep of its facilities.

No big deal, right? Unless of course you’re Missouri Senator and self-appointed ‘bill advertising’ aficionado Bob Onder.

Bob thinks the revenue expansion must occur under one condition – changing the name [of the zoo] to the “Midwest Abortion Sanctuary City Zoo.”

HOLY. FUCKING. HARAMBE. Someone had a big hearty bowl of CONFLATE-O’s for breakfast!

How much of an anti-choice douche must one be to hear “Hey let’s save the Zoo!” and think “Only if we call it the “WE HATE ABORTION” ZOO!?” That’s not a trick question, because the answer is “BIG MUCH.”

Politicians like Onder come up with some tragically creative ways to express their distaste for reproductive rights, and nonsensical comments like Onder’s are prime examples of why LPJL constantly works to keep abortion off of the endangered species list.