Y’all know we have been going in on fake clinic Obria for a MINUTE. And this week Rewire has a great article about how truly devoid of ANY actual value these fuckers actually are. We cannot understand what they think they do. Like, if your “clinic” amounts to just some people telling you not to have sex and giving you nothing … why do you think you are helping!?!?! 

Obria doesn’t believe in CONDOMS, yo! This is a huge huge huge crisis and we know there are like 70,000 things to be screaming about every day but SCREAM ABOUT THIS. 

Here’s a sobering fact: “From 2013 to 2017, the number of gonorrhea cases across the country increased 67 percent; syphilis rose by 76 percent.” We get that there are a variety of reasons this is happening, but wanna know a big one: ANTI-ABORTION GROUPS BEING LEGIT MANIACS AND JEOPARDIZING PEOPLE’S HEALTH IN THEIR SINGLE-MINDED CRUSADE TO BAN “ABORTION.”

We put “abortion” in quotes because truly we think that they think … everything that does not involve giving birth to a baby and raising it for 18 years IS abortion. Listen to this quote:

“Contraception is seen as harming the gifts God gave us,” said Theresa Notare, assistant director of the Natural Family Planning Program at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. “You can’t put in physical barriers like condoms or chemical substances that are going to obstruct the natural design of the ovaries.”

THE NATURAL DESIGN OF OVARIES? Are you fucking kidding me. Point to an ovary, bitch. And like, it’s ridiculous that human beings in the world think this, but sure, whatever, if you think this and practice it in your family… fine. Gah I mean, not fine, but … we can’t stop you. We’ll try to make your kids cool. BUT TO GET FEDERAL MONEY TO TELL PEOPLE THIS NONSENSE?? That’s a fucking disaster. 

And another disaster is this quote:

If a spouse is HIV infected, she said, withholding sex becomes a gesture of love. “The very difficult question has to be asked: Do we never have sex again? Quite frankly, because of a life-threatening disease, I would interpret it as yes.”

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Y’all… this is maybe the least empathetic thing we’ve ever heard. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THERE IS A WAY TO HAVE A HEALTHY SEX LIFE WITH A PERSON WITH HIV. They're saying people just… don’t get to have sex if they have HIV? REALLY? REALLY? 

We just ran a petition with Daily Kos telling Congress not to fund Obria and got over 120k signatures! Join our email list to find out more about what we plan to do next to #ExposeFakeClinics and call out Obria! 

In closing: Condoms are good.