Jenn here, ready to sing-scream into the void with you cause…

I Know In My Heart That.. the “Heartbeat Bill” Is Unconstitutional

Near, Far, Wherever you are…it’s clear that Iowa is pulling some shit that’s worse than making two Titanic references this early on.  Yup, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a law requiring doctors to perform an ultrasound on pregnant people and if a heartbeat is detected, they can’t perform an abortion.

First of all, a doctor hearing a heartbeat doesn’t mean anything for the viability of the fetus. So really this is a 6-week abortion ban and will basically ban ALL ABORTIONS in Iowa.

Second of all, THIS IS THE MOST RESTRICTIVE ANTI-ABORTION LAW IN THE UNITED STATES AND CLEARLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and Wyoming have all tried to pass similar laws but they were eventually shot down cause someone was like “psst that’s not gonna fly in the Supreme Court, it’s clearly way before viability and insane to even try.” But now, Pennsylvania is already pushing for their own 6-week abortion ban and legislatures in Iowa are already testing the waters for Gov. Reynolds to pass a law stating that life begins at conception.

Six weeks is so early in a pregnancy most people don’t even realize they’re pregnant yet. It’s also weeks before fetal anomalies show up and oh, what about the wellness of the pregnant person or cases of rape or incest you ask?

A rape must be reported to law enforcement within 45 days in order to be eligible to receive an abortion. HOLY SHIT — FUCK THE ICEBERG BLOW THIS SHIP UP. The level of cruelty in this law is extreme but in no way should come as a surprise considering the insanely hostile history of this ban.

I guess in this Titanic themed piece we just have to hope that the Supreme Court is “Rose” and extreme abortion bans are “Jack” and they make it clear..there’s no room on this floating debris and you need to sink to the bottom of the ocean forever.