It brings us no joy to interrupt our regularly scheduled blog content to write about this. We had a whole plan to talk about this great AP article that details all the hardships of travelling for an abortion, a real empathetic piece of journalism it’s hard to look away from, where you’re faced with the SHEER extent of the ways these bans hurt people’s lives.

BUT THEN THIS MANIAC PUBLISHED A TRULY UNHINGED ARTICLE IN THE FEDERALIST. And so we had to fully switch gears. So look you might be like “Whatever, it’s the Federalist, that’s some incel’s live journal at this point, why even bother talking about it.” Well, my friends, because “no abortion is medically necessary” has become an ANTI-CHOICE MAINSTREAM TALKING POINT. We’re actually gonna LINK to the article here because it is getting SOOOO egregious at this point. READ IT! Because again, this is not just some maniac (although she does seem truly… to have lost any sense of reality in her blind hatred of abortion). This is the ARGUMENT they are making, while trying to argue that we want abortion “up until the day before birth and sometimes after.” All logic and reason is lost, there is NO room for nuance in this debate … because they truly, have lost it, they truly, have given up even remotely being empathetic or interested in facts. 

The article’s title, gah we haven’t even gotten to the title yet “Is Abortion Really Necessary For Treating Ectopic Pregnancies?” GAHHHHHHHHHHH! OK so, when we saw this our eyes turned red with rage but we at least THOUGHT that maybe the writer (A WOMAN!!!) would spend the whole article talking about like experimental treatment (shoutout to our man in Ohio who said you just take that ectopic pregnancy and put it back in the uterus… YEAH BRO WONDER WHY WE NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT!!!!) 


But know she spends an INORDINATE amount of time being like Sometimes life just takes care of the whole abortion thing and the fetus dies and then like, you’re in the MORAL CLEAR. Ummmmm… WHAT? Like for a GOOD AMOUNT of this article her argument isn’t even that you can get a live human baby out of an ectopic pregnancy, it’s that morally, if you don’t have an abortion and just let it die naturally, then you can live with yourself. 


In cases where the tube ruptures, on the other hand, the baby has most likely perished already, so abortion isn’t necessary in this circumstance, either.”

Would you rather live with that on your conscience, knowing that in all likelihood it wasn’t necessary?”

TO THAT WE SAY “EAT SHIT,  YOU FUCKING MONSTER.” Also, guess what, if your fetus no longer has a heartbeat or is no longer viable and you have to remove it to survive… THAT’S STILL AN ABORTION. It’s not like, some magical other thing!!! People like to not call things “abortions” if they’re for miscarriages BUT THEY STILL ARE. And that’s STILL fine because abortions are FINE and GOOD. 

OK but then she does get to like, sometimes … stay with us here… the embryo reimplants in the uterus itself… sometimes ectopic pregnancies result in live birth… here are two examples from ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY… so like, see, a few times. I mean, this is nonsense. 

And like, that’s it, that’s the article. She doesn’t argue that there’s ANY ACTUAL viable solution, just that it’s rude that doctors aren’t working on it. And I mean… we’re pretty sure, as with most pregnancy-related things, DOCTORS ARE WORKING ON IT. We’re pretty sure doctors aren’t ACTIVELY trying to NOT help people who want to have babies have babies. There is a WHOLE fertility industry. 

Anyway this article ends “This article offers no medical advice for specific cases; in such circumstances, always consult your doctor.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. NO SHIT!!!!