Ah, Spring! A time of rebirth, baby bunnies, and change.

Monday afternoon, most normal Minnesotans celebrated a classic rite of spring, watching the ice recede from the shores of one of their 10,000 lakes. Minnesota extremists on the other hand, indulged in their fav seasonal pastime- planting the seeds of horrifying  healthcare laws for poor women.

Here is the garbage bounty they hope will flourish.

HF 809 – a bill that would prohibit the use of Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare to help cover abortion, specifically targeting low income people and people of color

HF 812 – a TRAP law that would enforce strict, unnecessary regulations on abortion clinics, causing immediate shutdowns on perfectly safe Minnesota health facilities

There are already 32 states that prohibit the use of state funds for abortion and 11 states that restrict the use of private insurance plans to cover abortion, giving their communities the chance to try out special abortion insurance. This side policy covers unintended pregnancies that stem from rape or incest, obviously the only two things that lead to an unintended pregnancy.  

Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, sponsored HF-809 saying, “my constituents and I do not feel we should be paying to end the life of an unborn child.” Franson went on to say she would rather see a larger push to help fund adoption services, which she said are often, “..out of reach for low-income Minnesota residents.” W-U-T?

Following Franson Logicwe would make laws that force SOME low income women to bring pregnancies to term despite their economic hardship, which would force them to give those children up for adoption. Then Franson Logic says enact OTHER laws that would make it more accessible for DIFFERENT low income women to adopt the children the aforementioned low income women were forced to give up!

Now of course, low income people should have greater access to adoption, but that opportunity should not be coming from other low income woman creating the demand!

These are just some of the gaping holes in Fransson Logic

She simply does not understand the fundamental human right that a person can’t have equality unless all reproductive options are ACTUALLY ECONOMICALLY AVAILABLE.  Economic justice means access to safe and affordable abortion, access to adoption services, and access to affordable maternity care and supplemental support to raise a child.

168 anti-choice bills have been introduced just THIS YEAR, and it’s not even swimsuit season! The cheeto-in-chief recently gave states the option to withhold funding to organizations that offer abortion. AND after he suggested that people who need abortion can just *go to another state* if Roe v Wade gets overturned, Alabama said “not it!” and passed legislation that will make abortion totally illegal if that happens.

Minnesota Democratic Governor, Mark Dayton has a history of vetoing anti-choice legislation and has committed to continuing to do so, but right now he’s the only thing stopping this shit from going through. With Governor Dayton leaving office in 2018, Minnesota could become another anti-choice battle ground as these insane bills continue coming in.

So pay attention and stay active or Minnesota could wind up being the land of 10,000 abortion restrictions.