Special Edition: Operation Save America's National Event Report

Well well well, would you look here! Operation Rescue wrote a v v long recap of their hate event and honestly… It sounds like a total snoozefest! But one super-fun group of baller feminists keeps showing up to make things interesting! 

We decided to do a little annotated guide of the biggest, worst, most baffling moments of THEIR recap… it’s real real long though so we will just quote the highlights to you. LET’S BEGIN! 

The Holy Spirit equipped the saints for the work of ministry, touched lives, saved souls, and spared baby's lives in Wisconsin. There were ten confirmed baby saves at the Affiliated death camp. A few more were reported at the local Planned Parenthood child sacrifice center.

They come in HOT here with  refering to clinics that provide abortion as the “child sacrifice center” and the “death camp.” If you’re wondering…hey are they gonna refer to “abortion” as the holocaust a bunch in this??… yeah, they DEF are. Also “confirmed baby saves” really sounds like y’all are playing basketball and this is like, points on the board for you. If you’re wondering if they’re gonna make everything they do seem heartless and kind of like they’re just going through the motions… oh boy yes they are! . 

Drag Queen Story Hour, feminist Burlesque dancers (strippers), [AAFRONT NOTE: guess “Burlesque is too-foreign sounding] ‘The Daily Show' co-creator Lizz Winstead, stand-up comedian and “The Young Turks” regular Aida Rodriguez, Al Jazeera Media correspondent Francesca Fiorentini, transgender comedian Jaye McBride, the National Organization for Women, Madison Abortion Defense, Democrat Socialists for America, Indivisible Madison, Showing Up For Racial Justice Milwaukee, One Wisconsin Now, Abortion Access Front, Women's Medical Fund, Planned Parenthood, witches, feminists, immigration activists, and homosexual activists all converged on Milwaukee to put “out the anti-abortion, racist, homophobic [OSA] #garbagefyre.”

Honestly very nice of them to list all our credits, but real quick, Jaye McBride JUST got passed at the Comedy Cellar so can we update her credit please! 

Abortion Access Front held a traveling shock fest, Garbage Fyre Festival, designed to disrupt OSA's weeklong ministry outreach. Wherever Christian families showed up to minister, feminists in bright colored vagina costumes handed out abortifacient pills from black cauldrons, cast spells and blew incense into the face of our children. They wrote out spells in black on the sidewalk were we worshipped; and carried a large white cross dressed as a female “Christ.”

Example of said “ Weeklong Ministry outreach”…  

Look, I’m gonna be real here, I was skeptical at first of the fake witch stuff we were doing, like how effective would it be. WELL, it is truly astounding how much it shook them. Like I coulda showed them an episode of the old Sabrina the Teenage Witch and they’d recoil in horror. We also DIDN’T show up at churches or any actual places of worship… we were just outside their hate protests! Honestly, if you just wear a Party City witch hat around these guys… we think they’ll all go away. Also Plan B is not an “abortifacient.” OK we’ll get back to this stuff later. 

AAF spent tens of thousands of dollars on Google ads, Milwaukee billboards, and giant orange inflatables that looked like garbage pails. They even slandered Christian ministers Pastor Matt Trewhella, Rev. Flip Benham, and Rev. Rusty Thomas as “America's top influencers in misogyny, homophobia, and anti-choice extremism” because they p ny in their targeted abuse of Christians. The posted a meme of a Christian cross and anti-abortion signs BURNING, an effigy of OSA Christians.

We’re not gonna make fun of typos cuz, girl, we’ve all been there. It is very funny that they dropped the term slander here when…. we used their OWN words on these posters. So like, read their quote, decide if they’re homophobic. It’s really A to B here. 

Also this CROSS burning thing JESUS CHRIST my man you carry around doctored photos of fetuses and yet you pretend to have SUCH A DELICATE disposition. What we assume they’re referencing… cuz we really can’t tell… is this photo with the Garbage Fyre branding which like… bros WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT??? You think this looks like a CROSS BURNING?? WHAT? COME ON! 

Monday, July 15th began early. The downtown ministry teams arrived to engage the culture with the hope of Christ. Pastor Dale Sochia set up a powerful display that relates historical atrocities to the abortion holocaust of our day. Christians handed out Gospel tracts, street preached on a sound system, and had many engaging dialogues as people passed by.

Here’s us with some of these displays! Also DRINK cuz here’s a reference to abortion as a “holocaust.” 


Frank Campana and Pastor Ante led ministry outreaches at Planned Parenthood and Affiliated Medical Services abortion mills. OSA Administrative Director and police liaison, Chet Gallagher, and his team set up a prayer tent outside of Affiliated. They spent hours repenting for the sin of abortion, praying for the lost, and our beleaguered nation. They undergirded all our activities with powerful intercession. Reformers and revivalists of old used this prayer model to prepare the way of the Lord to touch and change cities in times past. God knows we desperately need it today.

Here’s a video of what being outside of the clinic was like… for patients! 

Cal Zastrow's “Revival, Mission, and Holiness Team” traveling team ministered in Chicago, headed up the overpass teams, and visited key locations throughout Wisconsin to challenge not only the culture of death, but the political machines that enable the holocaust.


Then John taught the “Trot out the Toddler.” This technique exposed pro-abortion inconsistencies when they seek to debate abortion. 1. First Agree. Try to find common ground to begin debate. 2. Apply the person's argument to a two-year-old. 3. Ask why. “Why can't she kill a two-year-old? 4. Aha moment. The issue isn't [fill in the blank] but whether we can kill innocent human beings. If the preborn are human beings, then shouldn't we protect them just like we protect two-year-olds?

THIS SECTION Y’ALL!!! WE CANNOT! Trot out the Toddler!?!?! I mean, intern Jessica WAS RIGHT they do just use kids as props. Gross! Also like… this is… not an argument you can make! “You believe one thing… but what if we threw out a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THING… we got you!!” 

We are not arguing that you should be able to frickin’ MURDER a toddler. Jesus CHRIST! Honestly, we need a legit debate coach to come in here and at least make… some effort. “Sure you believe that there should be tougher gun laws but… let me ask you a question… what if that gun… was a banana? Seems like this argument kind of doesn’t hold up then!”

Tuesday July 16th brought more of the same. The youth loved the 9:00-12 PM youth training session with brother John Michener. Students discussed the hard topics- ectopic pregnancies, the case of rape, and life of the mother scenarios. John explained how to answer “bodily rights” or “My Body My Choice” abortion arguments. He reminded the students not to be sidetracked by “straw man” arguments. Instead, argue from the actual position.

I would BECOME ANTI-CHOICE if John could actually give me a correct definition of what “straw man argument” means without looking it up. 

In the case of bodily rights arguments, abortion supporters argue from a “sovereign zone” or “right to refuse.” Responding to a Sovereign Zone Argument means ask a clarifying question (Do you mean the preborn are literally part of the woman's body?). Then ask a question to challenge the sovereign zone (If you believe pregnant woman has a right to do anything with her body, do you think it should be legal to for her to use hard drugs that will cause birth defects?”)

Oh boy! So this is a thing that the other side LOVES to point out. Like “See it’s a SEPARATE BODY here is a diagram for me to explain it.” But y’all… again… we’ve heard this before. Anyone who has EVER argued about abortion has heard this shit before, this is nothing new. And like… IT’S STILL IN YOUR BODY! THE FETUS COULDN’T EXIST NOT INSIDE YOUR BODY. We can’t believe we’re still debating this. 

Also LOVE that they continue to use people with drug addiction as a prop! Like “look we’d never ACTUALLY argue that you should be compassionate to someone with a drug addiction who gets pregnant and we’d NEVER do anything to aid them in getting the help they need… but we WILL use them for these straw men arguments.” 

These are completely different situations and we STILL would argue that you should be compassionate in both situations! And also we’d argue that the best way to help someone with a drug addicition is…. NOT JUST TO SHAME THEM! 

Downtown at the giant Abortion Holocaust display, abortion supporters with the Garbage Fyre Festival tried to disrupt the team's evangelism. Pastor Joseph Spurgeon read from Proverbs 31 to the die hard feminists until the group disbanded. God's Word is sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).

DRINKKKKK! Here’s some pics from our counter-protest:


After lunch, OSA showed a video on the history of the Rescue movement in Milwaukee. It was a part of the nationwide movement to rescue preborn babies through peaceful sit-ins outside of abortion mills. 80,000 Christians with OSA (formerly known as Operation Rescue National) were arrested during the Rescue movement.

This made saving preborn babies the largest non-violent civil-disobedience (really, biblical obedience) movement in American history. By way of comparison, 15,000 people were arrested during the Civil Rights Movement. Following the documentary, rescuers from late 1980's shared testimonies and humorous anecdotes. The young people were captivated by their incredible stories.


Part three of the youth training was entitled Time for Justice. John Michener showed a PowerPoint outlining the differences between “Legal Lies” and “Legal Truth.” In way of example, legal lies include the beliefs that “abortion is constitutional” and that “court opinion determines what is lawful.” In reality, “abortion is unconstitutional” and the Constitution determines what is lawful.” John also shared a PowerPoint on “Strategic Lies” and “Strategic Truth.” Some of these lies include, “we must elect a pro-life president” and “pro-life judges will overturn Roe vs. Wade.” The truth is “abortion has continued under every president and pro-life judges have maintained the status quo.”

If we were teens at this by now we’d be like “Um… why are we here?” And then we’d look at the pics from us and be like “WE COULDA BEEN ON A FUCKING ABORTION YACHT BY NOW.”

Sadly, people with the Garbage Fyre Festival interrupted OSA's outdoor worship service by placing their costumed bodies in a “human wall,” blocking families from the pastors and worship band leading the service. Others shouted and chanted to prohibit the practice of our faith. Still others surrounded families who knelt on the grass and mocked CHILDREN as they prayed.

Here’s example number seven hundred of these people not understanding what The Handmaid’s Tale is. READ A FUCKING BOOK.

Also we were NOT mocking children. They were forcing their kids to be out there. We did not MAKE FUN OF them for praying.  

No one acts more fucking persecuted than these guys. This wasn’t a frickin’ beautiful religious service, people were holding THESE SIGNS STILL:


This was a shamefest that they were putting on, to push their message of hate and resentment. We were interrupting THAT message. 

Others twerked in the faces of those worshiping God. A feminist, dressed as a crucified “Christ” with ovaries, dragged a large wooden cross to where Christians knelt in prayer. Written on the cross were the words, “Save Abortion.”

Breaking up this paragraph to say that it said “Abortion Saves.” 

 The feminist placed the cross above the bowed heads of the Christians as though they were praying to “abortion.” Other feminists joined the religious bigotry by kneeling at the fake cross and mocking the Christians as they prayed to Jesus.

OK these dudes legit LOVED to come up to US and kneel at the cross. They wanted the photo op. They wanted to feel SOOOO put upon. Like legit, all Activist Mommy did was insert herself into our protests. We did not SEEK them out. 


Following lunch, OSA learned Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers declared a state of emergency for the city of Madison. An accidental explosion that a witness called a “minor apocalypse” happened a ½ mile from the Capitol, followed by another at a substation. The Madison Gas and Electric fire, according to eyewitnesses and news reports, caused a “giant, humongous ball of orange” with flames that shot 150 feet in the air, sent large black clouds of smoke into the sky over downtown Madison. 11,600 homes were left without power. No AC, no internet, no refrigeration. Police shut down roads in a two-block radius around both explosions. The Wisconsin National Guard was activated. The state Capitol, the Courthouse, and state agencies were shut down. American Transmission Company, the owner of the electric equipment that exploded, had identified a problem with a component of its equipment a week before the explosion.

This fire happened the day after OSA had a Mount Carmel experience with the false prophets of Baal and Moloch at the State Capital. We did not think it was a coincidence, so we sent out a press release called, “We Serve a God who Answers by Fire!”

We’d just like to say OUR WHOLE THING was that they were a garbage fyre. We don’t believe that this fire was like, some kind of divine intervention. BUT … why wouldn’t they think this fire was a condemnation of them. It coulda been God saying, “yeah, these dudes are really trash!” CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, OSA! 

OSA's 2019 National Event, “Complete the Work,” ended strong Saturday. Christians gathered outside of Affiliated death camp in Milwaukee for “Word in Warfare.” It was an anointed time of proclaiming the Word of God from the book of Psalms. God's people stood shoulder to shoulder as they prayed for God to close the mill, abolish abortion and Complete the Work in Jesus' name!

Complete the work today and donate to help us keep exposing these monsters!  Thanks!