Man, if you had the world’s tiniest violin it would NOT BE SMALL ENOUGH to explain how little we care about when anti-choicers feel persecuted. “You dox ONE OR TWENTY DOCTORS and suddenly you’re a terrorist group,” they bemoan. “We’re the real victims here,” they cry. No, the victims, obvs, are the people you mercilessly harass. You can’t punch someone in the face then blame them for hurting your hand.

Enter the Gosnell movie, which boy oh boy, loves to be seen as a poor underdog story. But, here’s the thing, the trailer looks like a freakin’ Lifetime movie, so … maybe that’s why you guys aren’t getting the kinda traction you want?? But whatevs, we haven’t seen it, we’ll be astute critics and not say anything about the actual film.

Let’s just talk about the ads! So let’s be real, we read this whole column in The Daily Beast about how the media is against the Gosnell movie and boo-hoo they’re so persecuted and then got to the end and the writer is A FUCKING COLUMNIST FOR THE DAILY BEAST. WHO ARE YOU IF NOT THE MEDIA, MY DUDE? How are you, as a member of the media, gonna use the lazy blanket term of the media and then ATTACK YOURSELF?

But also, THE FUCKING AD TEAM IS NOT A PART OF THE MEDIA! They are supposed to be separate departments!!

So anyway, I guess NPR has this ad policy that what they read cannot be political. Makes sense, sure, because you could technically clip anything they said, right? So, better to not have them be like “Holding a girl down and attempting rape isn’t so bad… says Brett Kavanaugh who paid for this ad.”


Anyway, here’s what the Gosnell ad team tried to get read, “The film is the true story of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. A story the mainstream media tried to cover up because it reveals the truth about abortion.” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. There are about a thousand read flags there!!!! The article from the Daily Beast focuses on how the poor, poor person who works in the NPR ad team was like “Hey, maybe let’s not say ‘abortionist.’” BUT LOL FOREVER AT THE AD TEAM THINKING THAT “REVEALS THE TRUTH ABOUT ABORTION” IS NOT CRAZY POLITICAL.


Here’s the thing about Doctor Gosnell, we on the pro-choice side of the movement ALSO think he is a bad guy. We also think he did despicable thing. We also think he preyed on vulnerable people. There is no mystical person on our side who was like “Naw, what he did was OK.” WE ALL AGREE HE IS BAD. He is NOT a typical abortion doctor. He is a monster. So there is no way this movie reveals the “truth about abortion” as a whole.


What the Gosnell story DOES reveal is that there are a lot of people in DESPERATE need of medical care, who are failed by their families or the government or everyone, and in a moment of need sought the healthcare of a very dangerous man. What does that say about our society that stigmatizes and shames people seeking abortion… that’s actually an interesting story. “Hey, this story shoulda been the FRONT PAGE of the paper more,” is not an interesting story.


Also like, my dude, you write for an ONLINE PUBLICATION and you are mad about what’s on the front page of a newspaper?? What’s particularly funny is that he falls into the ridiculous trap most people do, which is he CITES AN ARTICLE written about the Gosnell trial at the time only to… later say no one wrote about it.


OK and like, this is off topic, but this dude tries to argue that media is failing to report the facts and sites… one thing. AND THAT THING is Nikki Haley who absolutely did not spend $52,701 on some drapes. Dude, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? “Look at how PERSECUTED AND BIASED THE MEDIA IS, THEY OCCASIONALLY MISTAKE WHO PURCHASED SOME DRAPES! TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY!”


Also, on a side note, we get fucking dinged from running ads that use the word abortion in a positive light ALL THE DAMN TIME! You’re not special, my dudes.