Last week we were psyched to see that Planned Parenthood hired an incredible doctor as their new president! Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency room doctor and Baltimore’s health commissioner, is poised and brilliant, deftly heading questions from the lesser-informed panelist at The View so intelligently that it’d be almost impossible to deny her. But of course, with any new, beautiful thing… we just knew the anti-choicers were gonna do something terrible.

ENTER THIS FUCKING TERRIBLE HEADLINE: “Doctor from ‘One-Child' China Becomes Planned Parenthood's New President, Pro-Lifers Point Out the Irony.” Real quick before we get to the blatantly racist shit: uh, we’d pay any anti-choicer a million dollars if they could actually define “irony” for us. I mean, these fools call themselves “pro-life” they have a RUNNING HEAD START.

So anyway, this headline is so fucking gross. And racist. And exactly what you’d expect from these schmucks. The racist quoted here is Dr. Lila Rose of Live Action, just want everyone to remember that name and call her out accordingly!

One thing we liked about Dr. Leana Wen’s video is it did not separate “abortion” from “healthcare.” In fact, she centered abortion by talking about a harrowing experience of seeing a woman die from a botched abortion. AND THAT WAS POST 1973, when abortion was legal, just not accessible.

But of course the zygote lovers are claiming that PP provides more abortion than actual healthcare… and to that we say, ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE. They are not separate things.

And oh, just another thing, in Dr. Wen’s great segment on The View, she mentions that Planned Parenthood doesn’t get a fucking lump sum check from the gov every year, it’s just reimbursements for certain procedures they receive.

But somehow the IDIOTS who don’t know a fucking thing about the world are still like “IDK what if one penny of my hard earned money goes to… actually helping a person in need… I’D RATHER DIE.” To that we say, we’re fucking mad our taxpayer money went to your education, because it obviously didn’t work. But we’re not gonna protest outside your office for it!