Let's talk about some garbage. No not Brett Kavanaugh (we'll get to him). No not this sham of a confirmation hearing. We’re talking Planned Parenthood v. Casey. This is where “undue burden” became the fucking little devil on the shoulder of judges. The court ruled that abortion laws COULD exist to curb access to abortion as long as it didn’t place an “undue burden” on the patient. Let’s stop for a second and acknowledge HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS THAT IS. Because now, you’ve got judges having to put themselves in the mind of a person with an unplanned pregnancy and… decide how much strife they SHOULD have to go through to get an abortion. And it SHOULD be none. You should just be able to get a medical procedure. BUT NOPE, some judges sit there with all the facts and are still like “Idk you haven’t proved to me that waiting three days and then drawing a picture of your sonogram and also balancing this “A Woman’s Right to Know” pamphlet on your nose for ten seconds (or you have to start over) is actually undue burden.”

Judges have to decide how much they want uterus-havers to suffer… and, you know, based on the fucking entirety of human history, it’s a LOT. Remember how Serena Williams, literally one of the best athletes ever, one of the strongest and most resilient people out there, fucking ALMOST DIED because a doctor didn’t take HER SAYING SHE WAS NEEDED MEDICAL ASSISTANCE seriously. SERENA FUCKING WILLIAMS HAD TO DEAL WITH THAT SHIT! Now just imagine how some judge in some conservative town is gonna act. “Oh yeah, I mean, you do have to write a twenty-page essay, wait three days, then come back and wait another three days, but… idk seems fine to me, I’d love to travel that much.” Sure, we’re exaggerating, but remember that FUCKING GUY who said people get abortions for TRIPS TO THE CITY.

“Undue burden” is bullshit. It presumes to know people’s lives or what could be stressful for them. And what other MEDICAL procedure would they allow these kinda roadblocks in front of.

Anyway we bring it up now because Brett Kavanaugh mentioned it today as precedent on precedent over Roe. Fuck. Fuck. Call your Senators.