Faces-map-logo-centerDue to the overwhelming badassery of Lady Parts Justice Leaguers and with the help of our amazing sponsor, UltraViolet, Our 2nd annual V to Shining V 2015 was a smashing success!

Yep. An entire day of laughing, singing, celebrating and committing to protecting reproductive rights and access went down ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! Literally, from V to Shining V.

In Los Angeles, the hilarious actor and writer Sarah Thyre and NYT best selling author, Susan Orlean recorded a very special live taping of their podcast Crybabies, with very special guests, Kristen Schaal and Jen Kirkman.

In Austin, we joined forces with Whole Women’s Health to present a night of spoken word poetry and local bands which included: Elizabeth McQueen, The Bluebonnets, Sweet Spirit, Charity Ann, and Loyce Gayo to benefit Shift, an incredible Texas based organization working to shatter abortion stigma.

Boston kept the northeast bumpin with a night of music and laughter hosted by The Nightly Show producer, Benari Poulten and featured comedy from the hilarious LPJL comic Joyelle Nicole Johnson and Boston comic, Christa Weiss as well as musical performances from from Cujo, Field Day and Merrie Amsterburg & Peter Linton. Portland. They had a comedy blowout with Belinda Carroll, Coor Cohen, JoAnn Schinderle, Andie Main and Veronica Heath! The Minneapolis V to Shining V was extra special as it was hosted by Lady Parts Justice League founder herself, Lizz Winstead. In hilarious LPJL style, a Grown Ass Carnival was thrown, complete with politician- ballbusting and an appearance by the first female pope, who absolved the sins of all who attended. The night finished up in grand style with celebrity karaoke featuring Holly Miranda.

In New York City, LPJL produced a V to Shining V music and comedy fundraiser that benefited  The Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP). It was a night of raucous fun and important information presented in perfect LPJL style. Comedy and music from Janeane Garofalo, Leah Bonnema, Naomi Ekperigin and musical love from Ted Leo and his band.Orange is The New Black’s Lea DeLaria closed out the evening with a rousing jazz performance. Lea may have had the quote of the night, exclaiming: “I believe that life begins when you MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS!”

And when you learn something at an LPJL event, we won’t bore you with a lecture.

We had Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson of the comedy duo Sorry about Last Night interview Dr. Linda Prine of the Reproductive Health Access Project to talk about how to replace stigma with compassion when it comes to abortion.


You can actually look at some amazing photos from all of the events here and watch the entire NYC V to Shining V event right now! Just hit the link below. LPJL has your back baby 😉


V to Shining V NYC