YOOOOOO! It’s been a week, to say the (very) least. Amidst the What The Fucks and the lying on the floor panic attacks, a slow drum roll is sounding in the deep. We are rising out of our This Can’t Be Real haze and asking ourselves what should we do now?! What happens next?! Why have I had my period for over a week?! (STRESSSSSSS.) What can I do that is a concrete action to help protect a woman’s right to choose and access to health care?!

Something tangible, real, doable: support independent clinics.  When people think of supporting clinics, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Planned Parenthood. Why? Because they are awesome, obvi. But in actuality there are also 100s of amazing independent abortion providers across the United States. Most people don’t even know about independent clinics but like Planned Parenthood, they also provide amazing care. And like Planned Parenthood, they could also use your support.

In trying to think of an analogy of the roles all our providers play in the abortion care landscape, it’s kinda like if Planned Parenthood was Trader Joe’s and the independent clinics were your local co-op…If your local co-op provided the majority of food to your state.

Yep. These independent clinics are often THE ONLY option for thousands and thousands of women, and in fact they provide THE MAJORITY OF ABORTION CARE for women in the United States. Add to that, they are more often than not operating inside the States most hostile toward abortion access. We need to help them continue and thrive, and we need them to know they are not alone. So, we encourage you to learn about all our wonderful abortion providers.

A few options…

Get to know ACN – they are SUCH rockstars! ACN, the Abortion Care Network, is a “national network of providers that share best practices and support each other in providing the best care to patients”.  ACN gives providers the tools to deliver the highest quality care possible and has put into place a supportive network for clinics. This organization is an incredible resource to connect to your local clinic so you can join an escort team or help in other tangible ways. Donate here to help them continue their work.

If you are low on funds, do what we do over at LPJL – write a thank you note to your local provider letting them know you appreciate their hard and important work! We here at Lady Parts Justice League have many postcard writing parties and would love to see you at the next one.

Or volunteer as an escort and walk women in and out of clinics, sheltering them from protesters with your body and spirit.

Do what feels right for you; just take some time and let these clinics know you are there for them!

And, as always if you wanna go in deep, join the Lady Parts Justice League and get some serious boots on with us!