RBG is taking a work from home day and we’re stress eating all the “healthy new year” snacks we brought from home and let’s just say the CELERY STICKS ARE NOT WORKING.

We’re in need of some junk, you know what we’re saying? So let’s devour some crappy anti-abortion propaganda from our enemies over at The Federalist. It’s too easy to tee off on them sometimes, but somebody has to. I mean, their moms and then  employers never told them they weren’t good enough, so that’s why they’re like this now.

In an article titled “Propagandizing Abortion To Kids Only Embarrasses Abortion Supporters” we get, probably one of the most hilarious question we’ve ever read by these monsters.   “…why would you treat your own experience with such childishness?” OH IDK MAN, MAYBE BECAUSE SHE’S TALKING TO FUCKING CHILDREN! LIKE, he complains about the way she’s talking to kids throughout as if… we’re just supposed to talk to kids like they’re tiny adults. Which ok, fine, sure, some people do that. But… come on?

So he’s talking about this “Kid’s Meet Someone Who’s Had An Abortion” video that came out last week and he commits maybe one of the laziest sins of bad journalism by… NOT ACKNOWLEDGING THAT THIS IS AN ONGOING SERIES. So the writer just complains about like, why this woman needs validation from kids. BUT THAT IS WHAT THE SERIES IS. She didn’t just call up a bunch of middle schoolers and ask “hey, can u tell me you support my abortion.”

But the thing that we like, always hear but for some reason it never doesn’t just feel… terrible… is the whole “responsibility” argument he’s trying to make. “I saw this as a disturbing display of an adult’s complete abdication of personal responsibility and an even more disturbing showcase of apathy.” ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME MAN? It just makes us wonder WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM US? WHAT LEVEL OF REPENTANCE WILL LEAVE YOU SATISFIED.

I mean, we have never personally experienced this, but you know how in movies men will like, have to take a shower before and after sex because of the sin of it… we think that’s what this guy is like. Just like, completely projecting his own shit onto other people.

Or, worse, he’s one of those people who is just raw dogging it all around town, because really it’s his PARTNER’S responsibility to be safe. Really, it’s only ever the women’s responsibility, isn’t it. Notice how he doesn’t spend ANY of this article chastising the boyfriend (WHO IS MENTIONED NOT PUTTING ON A CONDOM).

Ask yourself… have you ever read an anti-choicer complaining about how men are so reckless for not wearing condoms when they have sex?


Didn’t think so.