No jokes in this one. It’s just too sad.

The last hospital in Cincinnati that was performing abortions for FATAL fetal anomalies no longer will provide the incredibly important health service. Christ Hospital in Mount Auburn has a new policy saying that it will only perform abortions where the mother’s life is at risk.

Women seeking care for a FATAL fetal anomaly will have to travel long distances out of Cincinnati or go to a Planned Parenthood, creating more financial (traveling expenses, time off) and emotional strain (Planned Parenthood has stated that such a physically and mentally taxing procedure should be done in a hospital where a woman can spend the night) on an already incredibly hard situation.

LET’S BE CLEAR ABOUT THE SITUATION. In almost all circumstances these are wanted babies that are not going to be able to survive outside of the womb and the woman is being pushed to carry to full term. WHAT A FUCKING HORROR. HOW UNSYMPATHETIC! This is nothing short of torture.

Imagine for one second that you get pregnant, you are so excited, you want that baby so bad, you have been carrying that baby inside of you for months and then you find out that that baby isn’t alive or won’t be able to live outside of you. HOW DEVASTATING. Then instead of having someone help you, you are forced to carry that baby to full term and prolong the emotional horror. I AM SICK AND CRYING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Show some fucking compassion Catholic hospitals —> that was supposed to be your jam.