This week Colbert compared the current political climate to a submarine, where there were a bunch of holes and we were sinking, but we’re all in this together. Yep, seems right.

We wanna feel like the glass is half full. More women than ever are in Congress! More abortion-friendly governors were elected. But then RBG breaks three ribs! OMG! No, no Lord, you cannot take her! Take me instead! And obvs these TERRIBLE ballot measures passed in Alabama and West Virginia that passed really feels like the submarine is filling fast. Or the half-full glass is also leaking. Or the dam of democracy will break any second. Or Brett Kavanaugh will put something in the drink.

**OK, breathing in and out*** we gotta take the wins where they come these days, but also remember that there is always going to be more work. So, let’s get to work figuring out how to manufacture some stainless steel ribs.