As any woman who has existed in the world can tell you, a bill titled “A Woman’s Right to Know” is definitely not gonna be helpful or good. It is instead, gonna be a mansplainers masterpiece in giving someone information they already have! BUT in Arkansas they’re one upping the mansplaining to make it also… confusing?

We know that you take two types of pills for medication abortion, the first usually at the clinic (because TRAP laws) and the second at home. So anti-choicers who have literally yelled at the patient every fucking step of the way (trying to trick her into going to a fake clinic, yelling outside of the real clinic, putting TRAP laws into place that make her wait 72 or 48 hours, forcing doctors to lie and exaggerate potential risks) have now decided here’s ONE MORE TIME for them to yell at her. Enter “Abortion Pill Reversal.” The science is not there on this one. It’s just a scare tactic the other side uses to intimidate patients. And OF COURSE you know that means it’s found its way into legislation. But this Woman’s Right to Know Bill… again… is confusing. Because doctors are required in it to tell the patient to… search “abortion pill reversal” on the Internet. Are you EFFING SERIOUS? You’re just supposed to find the best search result for you if you get nervous?

This bill perfectly exemplifies the anti-choice motto: shame at every point of the way, literally do nothing to help. Like, they couldn’t even print out the google results.

So on this snow day and this Abortion Providers Appreciation Week, we just wanted to remind you all to care for the providers who ACTUALLY help patients. Because, much as the other side tries to vilify them, clinic workers are doing the real work to make sure patients make the right decision for them. Independent clinic workers are listening to patient’s stories, they’re empathetic to their needs, they’re honest with them about their options. They’re modern day reproductive heroes.
So take some time to thank a clinic worker this week! We know we will!