We've already said that the backlash against the Chelsea Clinton quote is so disingenuous it's not worth talking about. BUT then we get this honestly, incredible essay from Townhall that so blatantly reveals how much these zygote lovers DON’T understand about the way the world works, we wanted to marinate on it a bit.

OK, to recap: Chelsea Clinton talked about how after Roe until now the economy grew a bunch and she said it was no secret that that was because uterus-havers were finally able to take control of their bodies and decide when ~*~financially~*~*~ they could get pregnant. She hoped that if people weren’t persuaded to be pro-choice because of, you know, being decent human beings, they’d maybe be convinced by the numbers. But oh, she forgot that it’s 2018 and no one cares about ARGUMENTS anymore, just screaming that they are right and know everything. So of course the right jumped on her with headlines like “Chelsea Clinton Believes 3 Trillion U.S. Dollars Were Gained From Aborted Fetuses” and stuff like that.

Anyway, boring, all in a day, but enter Bradley Mattes of Townhall with this masterpiece “Abortion is Bad For the Economy.” You see Bradley, he def knows what the economy is and where it exists and what it is made of. Amazon and stuff. And he’s ready to explain it to us simple women. SOME HIGHLIGHTS:

Let’s consider the economic impact of those missing 60 million babies who were aborted, namely tens of millions more people who would have entered the workforce and contributed enough to the U.S. economy likely dwarfing Ms. Clinton’s figure. Their parent/parents or doting grandparents would have stimulated the economy with the purchase of diapers, cribs, car seats, baby food and toys.

Honestly what kind of fucking life does this guy assume people have? Does he just assume that everyone when they are born are gifted “doting grandparents” and not, abusive grandparents, or absent grandparents, or poor grandparents, or dead grandparents. And does he assume that once you have a baby you just have unlimited spending money then, to purchase diapers and cribs and car seats? Like, if he thinks the economy BENEFITS from kids being born WHY CAN HE NOT IN HIS GRAPE NUT HEAD see that maybe a reason for not having kids is that YOU CAN’T AFFORD ALL THESE FUCKING THINGS? AND NOT HAVING AN ABORTION DOESN’T MAGICALLY MEAN YOU SUDDENLY CAN AFFORD THESE THINGS!

Companies struggling to find employees to hire would have an easier time with tens of millions more people in the workforce.

Yo, do you know what the fucking unemployment rate is? But sure, THINK of the POOR companies, STRUGGLING to find employees. They exist somewhere, surely… ?

It should not be lost on teachers’ unions, traditionally supportive of abortion, that the demand for their services would have been measurably higher had 60 million babies been allowed to live.

Um… what teachers do you know who want MORE kids in their classroom? Also like… the reason teachers’ unions exist is… not cuz there is no DEMAND for teachers. LOL like… what? Does he think there’s all these teachers sitting around at home DESPERATE for more children to be born? Teachers’ unions exist because TEACHERS GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AND FORCED TO HAVE 30 PERSON CLASSES AND NO RAISES, YOU FUCKING DUMMY!

Vocational centers, colleges and universities would enjoy higher enrollments. The pizzerias, bars and eateries surrounding these campuses would be doing more business.

Oh, so many places to go with this. But let’s just again, point out how disingenuous it is. These fucks take Chelsea Clinton’s OBVIOUSLY BROADER POINT at face value and are like “Can you specifically tell me every dollar aborted fetuses brought into the economy” but then have the nerve to argue that PIZZERIAS WOULD SEE A BOOM OF PROFIT!!! AND EATERIES TOO!

Anyway, the point of all of this is to say… babies cost money. They cost money when they’re young, they cost money when they’re teenagers, and oh boy, do they cost money when they go to college. And that money doesn’t just magically appear in your wallet when you get pregnant. So as much as the FORTUNE your fetus might spend at college eateries would just JUMPSTART the economy… we think we’ll pick bodily autonomy and deciding to have kids when you want to have them.