Y’all imagine that someone just followed you around, day after day yelling “No don’t go in there” when you like, went to Target or the grocery store or to school. Imagine you’re trying to drive someplace and someone blocks your way and says “Please don’t do this!” as you’re trying to go to a matinee of Halloween. Imagine outside the pumpkin patch is a HUGE truck covering up the pumpkin patch and arguing that carving pumpkins is a sin. Can you imagine how fucking annoying this would be.

Enter this great article in The Charlotte Observer which explains pretty clearly exactly how terrible it is to work at a clinic. Honestly, we feel like the only proof we need that abortion is good and safe is… the fact that clinic workers put up with this shit EVERY DAY and still go to work and enjoy what they do. Seems like abortion is pretty good, if it’s worth putting up with all this shit. But honestly… enough is enough. This article details how much shit the protesters go through every day to… just yell at women and pregnant people. And also… like trick homeless people into thinking they will pay for their kids. Just like, true villain shit. If these people spent the number of hours in a day they do screaming at women ACTUALLY helping people secure jobs, have access to birth control, fixing the education system, making the community better, JUST THINK OF HOW MUCH THEY COULD ACCOMPLISH! But nope, they’re sticking to like, power play buying (? or idk doing something fishy) the place next door to a clinic so you can yell louder. Yep, just like, great use of your time. One thing I often wonder is… do these people think God is gonna like, reward them for all this effort? I’m pretty sure God would be like “Why didn’t you just like… actually help people? Did you even READ the Bible?”

So read the article, see how bad it is, then GET MOTIVATED to take action, volunteer at your local clinic, or donate to abortion funds!