Today’s the last day to comment on the HHS website about Title X. So let’s just quickly break down exactly what’s at stake. Right now, 41% of people who use Title X rely on Planned Parenthood for their breast cancer screenings, pap smears, contraceptives, and much more. If the proposed changes go through, the health of all those people are at risk! Let’s just restate, for the millionth gazillionth time, FEDERAL FUNDING cannot go to abortion. And state funding RARELY does unless you’re in one of those few oasis states that, you know, actually sees people with uteruses as real human beings. IMAGINE IT!

So, this is all a political move, meant to show that the gov is sticking it to big, bad, scary abortion clinics, just out here, trying to provide healthcare. How fucking dare they give women breast cancer screenings! That’s what husbands are for!

So what can you do today? Well again, it’s the last day to leave a comment on the HHS website, telling the government directly that you oppose this proposal. AND you can contact your representative directly, to let them know you do NOT want this plan to be instated. So go, do it now! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY!