It’s the day before Independence Day and we’re not feeling particularly patriotic. Sure we’re travelling around the country, visiting independent abortion providers, and being reminded of how incredible these people are. But we also have to see all the shit they put up with on a daily basis, all the abuse and harassment, all the contractors who won’t help them out, all the TRAP laws that make them waste thousands of dollars on unnecessary upgrades to their AC, or some bullshit like that. AND THEN we have to read a new headline every day about ONE OF FIFTY FUCKING SCENARIOS IN WHICH ROE GOES AWAY AND HOW WE CAN STILL GAME THE SYSTEM BUT ALSO HOW WE’RE ALL KINDA FUCKED ESPECIALLY THE MOST VULNERABLE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY, OR PEOPLE THIS COUNTRY HAS ALREADY FAILED SO COMPLETELY.

So yes, it’s hard to be patriotic. We think, mostly, that’s OK. We’ll retire our American flag string bikini this year. It’s fine if it’s a hard holiday for you, one so full of hope and hot dogs, now just a crushing reminder of how bad things are. We’d recommend whenever you’re feeling down tomorrow, taking a moment to send some love to people who work every day to make ‘Merica a better place for people. Send a postcard to an abortion provider, donate to Abortion Funds, (we know this isn’t in the spirit of giving back, but heck, tweet an obscenity at some fucker trying to take away our rights, never let them rest), or sign up to volunteer with us!

And then also allow yourself a brief moment to relax by the pool, or eat a popsicle… it’s been a rough year, you deserve it. Especially if you’re an abortion provider, meeting abortion providers helps remind us why we fight, so have two popsicles if you work for a clinic!


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