OK storytime, my friend, for all the non-hardcore activists in your life. All the people who are thinking: “You know a LOT is going on right now…” (true) “So I can’t focus on reproductive rights.” *CAR BREAKING SKREECH*

We also want you to mentally take all the time you need to check in on yourself. WE want you to stay informed for everything and then also step away when it gets to be too much and check in on yourself.

But y’all, the thing is- how someone feels about reproductive rights is it is SOOOOO indicative of how bad a person is gonna be on all issues. If you find out someone is anti-abortion you will… also later find out they beat their wife OR support ICE OR don’t believe in universal healthcare OR are anti-vaxxers.

This is all to say, fuck the anti abortion cult Live Action. And Double fuck Lila Rose, it’s ringleader. Her Tracy Flick screeching fuels hateful anti-abortion politics and politicians. But it also fuels just everyday numbnuts across the nation. And she KNOWS this. She knows that when she tweets something from her national group and targets places, she is inciting her army of rejected troll cartoon minions to go and harass patients at clinics.  

And this week is no exception. Yesterday Live Action hosted a livestream calling on governors to shut down clinics. They’re targeting is violent and SPECIFIC, hitting on states with already crumbling reproductive rights and anti-abortion governors. They named a few states where clinics have already closed and want to add more. It’s the most blatant, disgusting use of exploiting this current health crisis we’ve seen and it is disgusting how self-righteous she has been. 

But guess what, Lila, your Live Action army of anti-abortion dickheads are… in fact a huge liability to you. BECAUSE these people are standing outside of CLINICS STILL. You know, now in this time when NO ONE is supposed to be assembled in large groups. AND they thought Coronavirus was a hoax up until very recently. So they’re only making the HEALTH CRISIS: coronavirus worse and possibly infecting more people, in the way that they’ve been making the Health Crisis: Reproductive Rights worse for years. 

So, you see, Lila, when you make disingenuous claims about how abortion clinics are using “up precious medical resources like masks and gloves” don’t REALLY fly when like even now your friends are endangering people’s healths outside of clinics.

So today, we stand with the amazing workers at clinics across the nation, who are still coming to work to provide ESSENTIAL HEALTHCARE. Y’all are queens and you do not deserve this!