Garbage people, people made of garbage.

We’ve been going after Meghan McCain real hard and man, she’s acting like she’s effing Jesus Christ in terms of sacrifice here. And then she partnered with “my backbone’s completely gone and I’m just a shell of a former human” Ben Sasse to “pen” an op-ed about their fucking “infanticide” lie. We’re not gonna link to it but we do want to point to one particularly heinous part where they say, “The current debate is about whether or not it’s OK to deprive newborns of appropriate medical care.” NO IT IS NOT! There is NO fucking debate about that. How fucking DARE they. WE ALL ADVOCATE THAT NEWBORNS SHOULD GET PROPER MEDICAL CARE. NO FUCKING DUH. But look Meghan, it may come as a surprise to you, but it’s ALREADY illegal to kill newborns. And let’s just side note here: there is literally no human that supports Gosnell. This is your one example for things. We all hate Gosnell. In fact, clinics in Philly even reported him to police several times when his patients came to REAL clinics with issues from his monstrous behaviour. And guess who did nothing: the police. Anyway, we live in a fucked up world. But again, THIS STUFF IS ALREADY ILLEGAL. Your bill is a political stunt. All this posturing is a political stunt. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Speaking of people who should be ashamed of themselves: Tucker Carlson. Watch the Media Matters video on just how awful he is. Fox News employees monsters like this and has gotten away with spreading lies and inciting violence for years. As our founder, Lizz Winstead, points out, Bill O’Reilly called Dr. Tiller “Tiller Tiller the Baby Killer” on air over and over again and it motivated an extremist to kill him. They’ve gotten away with spreading the “infanticide” lie recently too, and we think this nonsense needs to stop. So we’re asking you to join us tomorrow outside of Fox headquarters at 11am, to tell their advertisers to stop promoting bigotry and lies!