Let’s be real, if you’re an anti-abortion politician, the stupidity never stops. You’re not like most, hanging in your hat to celebrate with loved ones. No no, the RHETORIC, you have to spread some more LIES before the end of the year. That’s why instead of just being able to relax and create some FUN holiday-related content, we’re instead forced to read more and more nonsense about anti-abortion splooge being MAD AT CANDLES! 

But side note: we did create a truly fun video called “The Mensch” that you should all watch! OK on to end of year shenanigans:

  • Well well well so after an injunction against Ohio’s bad, unconstitutional abortion ban when there’s a CHANCE there could be a fetal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Ohio’s shitty anti-abortion scrubs were GRANTED a petition to rehear the case. Even when we WIN they find a way to fuck it up. Now we’re gonna mention this every time these type of cases come up because we… truly feel like it should be the last word. In Utah, where a similar bill passed,  one parent of a child with Down Syndrome testified that she had been waiting 22 YEARS for the disability funding the government was SUPPOSED to provide. Check. Mate. Their hypocrisy is SO EFFING CLEAR HERE. 
  • Oklahoma’s AG is arguing that because there’s no STATE constitutional right to an abortion then the STATE SCOTUS shouldn’t hear an anti-abortion law case. UMMMMMMMM… this is the laziest way we’ve ever heard of trying to get your case to the Supreme Court. So are you arguing that the state SCOTUS should just like… hear no cases unless they’re specifically referenced in the state Constitution???
  • The guy who WROTE into law that people should reimplant ectopic pregnancy… admitted he didn’t do any research on it. He HEARD IT SOMEWHERE and DIDN’T HAVE A REASON TO QUESTION IT? Hmmmmmm, we’re pretty sure “I’m gonna write this into a law” is a good enough reason to do some Googling, my dude! 

OK let’s close it out with ONE good thing. The Campaign for Accountability is calling on HHS to stop funding Obria. You can scam thousands of people out of healthcare and … all it takes to be held accountable is hundreds of articles written about you and also still you get that money, but then after some more people go after you… THEN, THEN you will be held accountable. God, we hope!