POD_front_021616Kentucky Representative Mary Lou Marzian has been the Democratic rep from Louisville since 1995. This Patriot has introduced a new bill that will protect family values and help save men from themselves! We are so thrilled! With all this legislation of female bodies, we feared that men might feel left out.

Marzian noted the new Kentucky law stating that women have to receive medical consultation 24 hours before having an abortion seemed a little intrusive, perhaps a little too government-all-up-in-lady-bidnazz.

SO — why should men be left out?!  Rep. Marzian’s bill would require men to fulfill a series of conditions in order to get their boner pills: a note from the wife, a hand on the Bible swearing that they are only going to use the ED pills for sex with their spouse, and two doctor visits. Because we care about family values and people’s safety, let's spread that love around and safeguard that DICKKKKKKKKKKK!

Men of Kentucky, Mary Lou has got your back! She’s protecting your package! She is making sure the entire state gets to weigh in on how you use your dick! Here's to equality!