Hello Garbage Fyre Fighters (even if you didn’t go to Milwaukee, you can call yourself that, because every day you’re fighting the fire, but also, DEF DON’T MISS NEXT YEAR), well, we were so busy we didn’t get to give you road diaries every day, so we’re making up for it now!

Let’s talk WEDNESDAY when we went out to where all the anti-choicers were centered (in front of a Chase bank… can you say… METAPHOR!) to counter their action. Legit, there were SO many “Abortion is horrible” signs, and, you know we could not let those stand! So we got our big posters out of all the major hateliners! And we got so many signs that said “Honk for abortion!”

See, these people yell messages of hate and fear. And also… straight up nonsense. Like one guy who was preaching legit said “Is your God out peeing right now??” Um… what? I guess they thought it was proof that their God was MORE real because they were still … there. But bro, we were still there too! And we don’t support the vengeful God. I mean… for those of us who are religious, think of all the stories in the Bible about how we should love our neighbor, help the poor, welcome strangers, love one another. Stop just reading the vengeful God books! 

A lot of these people asked that we “debate” them. But … um, no thanks. We’re not gonna be able to have a civil conversation with a maniac yelling to patients that they’re murderers. Like, you lost the chance to have a civil debate when you stopped being a human being and started being walking evil. So we just stood in front of them and stirred up some light trouble! We didn’t engage, which made them even MADDER, but we let our message be clear: these guys suck, they don’t represent Milwaukee or the United States, our side is fun! 

And our side is loud enough to drown out your hate!!