So because of some badass activists in Kentucky, a judge blocked the so-called “heartbeat” bill there in mid-March. But ladies, and good gents, we are so sorry that you were not given a minute’s rest, because NOW another big anti-abortion law was UPHELD by a court in the Bluegrass State. It’s crazy how two steps forward… some guy comes outta nowhere and punches you in the gut— abortion legislation is!

The law that was just UPHELD requires a doctor to play the sound of the fetal “heartbeat” (cardiac pole) for the patient seeking an abortion and DESCRIBE the organs in the fetus that have developed. And if you don’t want to listen, you have to PLUG YOUR EARS AND MAKE NOISES, and that’s your ONLY WAY outta it. Honestly, we don’t want to give them any ideas, but we REALLY thought this one was that you had to listen to the beating DURING your abortion and we were like, “Damn, these guys got EXTRA cruel.”

But it’s still… pretty extra cruel. Not to mention medically unnecessary. And like, we point this out it feels like every day, but we’ll wait until it sticks: This ultimately ends up hurting people WHO THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO HURT. It’s almost like they don’t care at all. One woman in Kentucky testified that it was traumatizing for her to hear the sound of her VERY MUCH WANTED but not viable fetus.

But guess what… the monster judge OBVS didn’t listen or consider this. And today, like every day, we’d like to just say again: SINGLE MINDEDNESS GETS US NOWHERE.


Anyway happy friday! Better luck next week, everyone!