Does an HHS appointee believe abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer?

(Washington Post)

The Yoest infection returns! The WAPO fact-checks Trump’s HHS assistant secretary Charmaine Yoest’s totally debunked BULLSHIT claims that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. The Washington Post just gave her an opportunity to set the record straight, and Yoest chose to let it remain a twisted mess. We can’t have high-ranking health officials who believe lies and intentional fairy tales about abortion.


Texas Bill Could Send People to Jail for Driving a Woman to an Abortion, Lawmaker Says

(Texas Observer)

Texas is approaching CRITICAL MESS! As this Texas Observer article highlights, the assaults on repro rights by Lone Star lawmakers are constant, and consistently insane. Now they want you to go to jail for driving someone to get an abortion. FOR REAL! Texas is the world’s 12th largest economy, and it’s WAY to full of incredible people and places to be forever ruled by the this cabal of thick-necked theocrats.


Interstate Abortion Ban Could Slow Human Trafficking

(One News Now)

Lies My Lawmakers Told Me: the latest lie the MYTH BOOSTERS in the “Pro-Life” camp are up to is a bill before the Senate that tries to keep minors from LEGALLY accessing their abortion rights by claiming to be targeted against “human traffickers and child molesters.” LIES! Here’s Iowa’s Steve King defending dogfighting (!) using a similar argument. On it’s lying face, the bill prohibits transporting minors across state lines for an abortion. What it really does is to try and trap young women who are in states where abortion is illegal. As we look at the possibility of states with NO PROVIDERS AT ALL, we can see what their next step in shutting down access will be.


Even in Blue-State California, Abortions Can Be Hard to Find


QUIT SAYING YOUR STATE IS BLUE! ! NO state is blue enough to feel complacent about abortion rights! Anti-choice fuckery has consequences everywhere. This great story highlights HUGE CLINIC CLOSINGS in California. And nationwide crusades against repro rights mean that clinics are closing everywhere. Remember–the people who want to fuck with your abortion rights don’t care if your uterus is in in Massachusetts or Missouri–THEY WANT IN!


Catholics Challenge St. Louis' ‘Abortion Sanctuary' Law

(U.S. News)

One man’s “Religious Freedom” can be one woman’s violated Constitutional rights. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis is resisting a city anti-discrimination ordinance that prohibits housing or employment discrimination for people who have had an abortion, plan an abortion, have heard of abortion, or filled out a crossword with the word abortion in it. Seriously! The Archdiocese wants anyone to be able to deny employment or housing to anyone who advocates for “reproductive health”! So that uterus hat can get you evicted in St. Louis!  And it’s all in the name of “religious freedom!”