It’s #EqualPayDay! So let’s talk about something that makes everyone uncomfortable…. Money. Today is the day that a woman would have to work through to make the same amount of money as a white man made in 2017. And if you’re a latina, African American, or Native American, it’s even later in the year. And if you’re a mom, it moves ya back too!  (You already know reproductive justice is about economic freedom, but it BEARS REPEATING WE CAN MAKE IT ABOUT ABORTION!!!)

Today’s about telling stories of pay inequality and we hope that includes a little bit of shaming for companies that don’t want to be transparent! We have heard from many women who are high up in their company that they’ve found out that the men who work under them get paid more than them! Do you really think we weren’t gonna find out, HR? And look, we’re not JUST blaming the men here. This is a systemic problem. If you see two “account managers” having a huge pay discrepancy…MAYBE IT’S NOT CUZ ONE HAS BEEN THERE TWO DAYS LONGERRR!

Salary transparency is a feminist issue! If you work at a company that doesn’t let you know what people doing your same job get paid, today’s the day to demand an answer. Do it for yourself, but also for the people who come after you! And if you’re in a position of privilege, maybe let people know how much you get paid today too, so that the next Project Manager at your company doesn’t get dicked over and forced to do the same job for half the salary.

So talk about money today, everyone. We know it sucks, but it’s important!