TOO REAL. Fake Clinic Buys and Takes Over Real Maryland Abortion Clinic

FAKED UP! An abortion clinic in MARYLAND—one of the few that provide later term abortion care—has been purchased by an anti-choice group that’s going to turn it into a FAKE CLINIC! The Maryland Coalition for Life has bought Germantown Reproductive Health Services and plans to turn it into a fake “Crisis Pregnancy Center” like the one they already operate across the parking lot from the (currently) real clinic. The clinic’s doctor, Dr. LeRoy Carhart, is one of a handful of providers who provides abortion care in the later stages of pregnancy. He has vowed to reopen at a new location, but that won’t be easy. This shit shows not only how underhanded opponents of repro rights are, but how much resources they have at their disposal! Join our campaign to #ExposeFakeClinics before they swallow another real one! 

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Church Fighting for Right to Fight You in the Streets

Unholy Toledo: The old yellers who harass women outside of the only abortion clinic in Toledo, OHIO, are trying to stop a law that would keep them from physically blocking the clinic entrance or grabbing patients. The law would establish a 20-foot buffer zone outside any health clinic. And it would make it a misdemeanor to “physically obstruct or block another person” at a clinic “by physically striking, shoving, restraining, grabbing, or otherwise subjecting the person to unwanted physical contact.” Isn't it already a law you can't grab people against their will? ?? WTF? Anti-choice groups say that violates their right to free speech, which evidently includes striking and shoving people—pretty standard rhetorical devices, right? There is no right to assault people who are seeking healthcare!


Texas wants Safety First-Never For Abortion Patients

You would think TEXAS had more pressing concerns right now! We’ve been following the ugly developments since the passage of the multiple unconstitutional abortion restrictions in Senate Bill 8, including a ban on the safest and most common method of second trimester abortion. The Center for Reproductive Rights is asking a federal judge in Austin to temporarily halt the law. The U.S. Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt said that abortion restrictions must show a benefit for women’s health. This law actually endangers women by forcing them to undergo procedures that involve more risk. The judge actually pointed out how much Texas messes with women, saying “There is a constant and never ending stream of these cases, no matter how this court rules.” That’s why we have to keep on trying to contain their mess. 


“Safe” States Don't Exist- Planned Parenthood in NY Under Attack 

Attacks on women can occur anywhere. And attacks on women’s healthcare and welfare can happen in any state. The push to defund Planned Parenthood is endangering the Sexual Assault Resource Center of PP’s office in Corning in upstate NEW YORK. Members of the SARC met to urge their congressman, Rep. Tom Reed of New York’s 23rd District to not vote to defund Planned Parenthood and put the well-being of victims of sexual assault in his district at risk. A spokesman for Reed who attended the meeting said he supports their work counseling sexual assault victims, but opposes abortion funding. So does that mean he’s willing to yank funding for everything PP does?



Beautiful Dresses and Exposing Fake Clinics. We're Here For It.

BRIDEZILLA vs THE FAKES! The horror story in Maryland of a FAKE Crisis Pregnancy Center swallowing up a real clinic (above) shows what can happen if people aren’t informed about the threat that these phony CPC’s are. So it’s great to read a KICK ASS piece in Brides magazine TAKING DOWN the fake clinics! Calling CPC’s “fronts for the anti-abortion agenda, using shame tactics and outright lies,” that are “tricking, harassing, and bullying women into carrying out a pregnancy that they may not want,” it’s obvious that these Brides aren’t about to run away! Support our #ExposeFakeClinics campaign, and forward this article. Makes a great wedding gift!