Two big gerrymandering cases hit the Supreme Court this week … and y’all know this got us thinking about abortion! You see, anti-choicers want to make the uterus this separate entity from the person. They want to say it’s blocked off, the rest of the body is theirs, but that one section, well that’s it’s own thing. And fuck that! It’s in their body, it’s their choice. So today and everyday we say: stop gerrymandering the uterus for your political gain!

In other news Indiana is trying to get you to tell all your secrets to your abortion provider (and to punish them if you don’t), haters are going after Girl Scouts (again), our buds SisterSong had a reproductive justice win in North Carolina, anti-choicers can’t take an effing joke, and Kentucky told Mississippi to hold its beer while it passed an 11-week abortion ban. And the Constitution wept!