Who is the Alien Here? Meet the Body-Snatching Monster Who Is Denying a Pregnant Immigrant Teen Control of Her Own Body 

An appeals court has blocked a ruling that a detained and pregnant immigrant teen—whose case we’ve been reporting to you—should be allowed to exercise her abortion rights. Hearings are happening TODAY. You MUST read this ACLU takedown on the RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST that Trump put in charge of holding helpless immigrant girls hostage to the Uterus Invaders. It’s even worse than it sounds!  


The Only Thing More Enraging Than the Immigrant Teen Story is the Rightwing Media “Reporting” on it by Labelling Her as “Illegal” and Reserving Humanity for Her Fetus

If you follow the twisted and racist logic of those who are denying this immigrant teen control over her pregnancy, she’s just the disposable vessel meant to contain the precious fetus until it’s actually born and no longer matters. Here’s a truly ugly article from the truly ugly people who reduce human beings to labels in order to elevate the fetus. 


Why Are Abortion Rates Declining? Hint: It’s NOT Because Creepy Buzzkills Are Making It Harder to Get Birth Control

Abortion rates are down 25 percent. The anti-choice anti-pussy posse says it’s because they scream on sidewalks and create FAKE CPC clinics to fool abortion patients. And they’re SURE it couldn’t possibly be because of more accessible birth control because everybody knows birth control doesn’t work! Right. Here’s a Rewire piece to translate that into reality. 


Here’s a Good Reminder of What Happens When the Government Lists Dentists and the Salvation Army as Adequate Alternatives to Planned Parenthood for Pap Smears or Abortion Care. 

What would happen if they really did “defund” Planned Parenthood and patients were left with the bizarre and useless “alternatives” to actual women’s healthcare that defunders come up with? This great Bustle article will haunt you with some of the nightmare possibilities. Avoid the nightmare and GET WOKE! 


Ah’d Perfer It If Muh Childern Were Ass Dum Ass Me, Pleese

If ignorance is bliss, then some parents in North Carolina have checked into a stupidity Day Spa. The Tar Heel chapter of the “If we don’t teach kids about birth control, then they won’t have sex”  parenting club  managed to get a Planned Parenthood-sponsored sex ed program suspended because it had frank discussions of sexual preference and condom use. This is why we can’t have rational things. And do have teen pregnancy. 


YOU Decide Who Decides What You Do with Your Uterus! Or Do You…

This great Rewire article shows exactly why YOUR bodily autonomy is ultimately up to the voters—which is why you need to be a voter. VIRGINIA’s new Attorney General will have a huge impact on repro rights there. Attorneys general matter. Do you know who your state AG is?


Greetings from Alabama! Where The Pro White Supremacy Senate Candidate Shames the Pro Choice Candidate. 

When Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore isn’t waving guns around, demanding gay people be disappeared or proclaiming The Bible overrides the Constitution, of course he is in an abortion tailspin! Check out this unhinged clown’s campaign ad trying to make Democrat Doug Jones’s reasonable views on abortion seem… unhinged. Hoping it won’t work, but  in the bizarro world of Alabama politics you never can tell.