It’s cold. Like. Jack. Fucking. Frost. It’s cold! And in the mental search for something analogous to the continuous assault on reproductive rights, freedom, and general sanity, we kept coming back to the fact that IT’S FUCKING COLD. At first this chill shit seemed like a trivial complaint, compared to big-ass issues of insidious fuckpuppets trampling the things dearest to us. Then we realized WE HATE IT and IT’S WRONG and it’s the perfect metaphor for all the ugly everywhere.

Think this through with me… Just like the assault on abortion rights, the Fucking Cold (it’s official name, now) is happening when it shouldn’t be! It’s April! We shouldn’t be in parkas. Just like it’s 2018, not 1820—and we shouldn’t be forced to battle social policies designed to enslave women in whalebone corsets… or listen to someone say women should be hanged for having abortions.

And like the assault from the Arctic, the assault on repro rights hits certain areas worse than others. In the case of repro rights, it’s the South, as our good friend Willie Parker pointed out this week. BUT if we’re going to fight climate change or sexism, we have to do it everywhere—because every place and every person is at risk.  

We could go on. This abortion rights assault is as pervasive as bone-chilling temps. Both are ultimately being caused by some ass-hat making ass-hat decisions either about fossil fuels or dinosaur-era social policies. And both affect real people’s lives. But there’s the difference between being forced to wear your February clothes in April, or being forced to carry a pregnancy to term against your wishes.

But there’s one final way the attack on our rights and our bodies is like this untimely chill—both of them are going to STOP! It might be from the inevitable rotation of the earth, or from the heroic fight for their rights by the upcoming generation, but one way or another, we’re going to achieve equality. And go to the fucking beach.