Oh look it’s March 18th and MARCH MADNESS IS JUST STARTING! We were so psyched to get the brackets And Texas got that coveted 1 seed! But will they be upset by upstart Ohio, coming in hot this year with a new governor. Or will all their years of hard work denying reproductive rights to women pay off and take them to the Championship. Oh sorry, we’re talking about the NCAA-Hole March on Abortion Rights Madness. That’s right folks it’s time again for the annual tournament of anti-abortion sports-loving-women-haters.

The states have really put in the work this year to come out on top. It used to be that a heartbeat bill would get you to number one, but now this year alone 17 states have intro’d Heartbeat Bills. What we’re saying is they all came to play. I mean, Kansas last week wrote a bill JUST TO REPRIMAND New York for our Reproductive Health Act. Kansas HAS the time to compete.  What a last minute gamechanger. Utah’s 18-week ban could get them far, but then Arkansas added to their competitive edge with an 18 week ban as well. I mean, last week Kentucky effectively banned abortion! We’re just at an elite level of play here, folks.

Who will make it to the top!? What we love about the March on Abortion Rights Madness is that it’s anyone’s game. And also that it’s all darkness!!!