Arizona is looking to extend the hours of their 212 crisis hotline! How dope is that! Now people can call any time and be pointed in the right direction. OK great story so let’s all have a nice weeken—


First, the state will only give the CRISIS HOTLINE (for people LITERALLY IN CRISES) money if they don’t refer to any place that provides abortion (even if the person was, let’s say raped and wanted STD testing). 

AND another stipulation of the money is that in order to do something good, the state must also give MORE MONEY ($3 million) to “alternative to abortion programs.” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Here’s an important quote from the Arizona Central article about this crisis hotline:

Amanda Parris, attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, said government shouldn't put its “thumb on the scale of which health care services someone should get.”

100% this!

Also these assholes act like NO ONE has ever THOUGHT about having a baby and raising a child. LIke it’s their DUTY to have kids. Pretty sure the world continues to be populated, without you all. And if this WERE a program that ACTUALLY provided jobs, career training, life training, continued support, that’d be dope. People would still need abortions, but it’d still be a good program. That’s not what these fake clinics are. They continue to fail and take government money and not be regulated. 

And we think it’s frankly despicable that Arizona lawmakers are HOLDING AID HOSTAGE again for a  CRISIS HOTLINE to spread their anti-abortion agenda. How many people have to fucking die or be raped in order to scare some pregnant teen into not having an abortion????

The things these monsters are willing to sacrifice are NOT OK. And remember this kind of story any time someone says you should be “less extreme” on abortion. WE ARE NOT THE EXTREME ONES despite our use of caps lock.

We’ll leave you with this, a politician pushing this agenda pointed to the kids in the room to make a point and said “Which one would you not want to have life?”

We wonder what these fucking garbage people have done to stop school shooting.