We’re not gonna lie, we sort of felt like we had already hit you with most of the big news of the week. So in looking for a blog to write today we were like “hey why don’t we just hit on some of the fundamentals of what it means to exist and what we owe to each other as a society!” AND HERE WE ARE! 

We were also nervous we couldn’t write about the article (IN THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES) “How Abortion Warps Our Politics” because it’s all about elections, but it truly gives no options for who to vote for, so we’re good. Let’s get INTO IT!

Here’s the thing, our side… is not extreme. We’re not warping the political discourse. It is not HOSTILE towards people who are anti-abortion. Well … we, maybe Abortion Access Front  specifically, are. But not our side. Anti-abortion extremists just straight up lie and say we want abortions to be available up to birth! NOT THE CASE! We’re not being extreme in… just not lying about the realities of abortions later in pregnancy. 

And we do not BENEFIT from more people getting abortions. We just want anyone who needs an abortion to be able to have an abortion. 

Anyway, this article bemoans how hard it is for someone — who’s almost a good person, but still wants to suppress people’s rights, just a little, as a treat — to figure out who to vote for.  

Frustrated by inconsistency on the right and hostility on the left, they may seek out a space that is consistent in its life ethic, determined to win over hearts and minds, and not just votes.”

LIFE ETHIC! We think about abortion all day and OFTEN try to get in the mind of the other side and… it’s just impossible. How fucking holier than thou is this. “Oh we’re so alone because we care about babies sooooo much.” Grow the fuck up. 

This blogger loves babies too. They’re great. Their little bald heads!  That doesn’t mean I want to deny people rights! Also, to be SO obsessed with the “unborn” … is ridiculous when the world is literally falling apart. 

We honestly feel it’s a little… lazy (and a lot disingenuous), to focus on being anti-abortion as the core tenant of your moral philosophy. It’s burying your head in the sand. It’s saying “The world is an awful place but this is the ONE thing I can control… vulnerable pregnant people!” 

Because… think about how many people die every day because they don’t have access to healthcare. Or because their healthcare fails them. Think of how many people get murdered by their husbands. That’s a disregard for the sanctity of life!

Not being able to support a child and give it a good life and so therefore having an abortion… that’s an affirmation of the sanctity and fragility of life.

And then the writer adds this as kind of the “pro-life” idea of how to make the world better:

“Local activists supporting prospective mothers emotionally and financially, providing free baby formula and clothing, advocating for paid family leave, providing child care or seeking to help cover expensive medical bills…” 

Yes we agree with that, that mothers should be treated better. That’s a great thing to work for. We’re in agreement. That’s not the world we live in now or even close. You can’t have your little “life ethic” philosophy and just be like “let’s stop all abortions for now and then maybe when that kid is 55 we’ll have longer paid family leave and it will all be worth it.” People will still need abortions even if there’s paid family leave! 

And it’s not fucking sustainable for you to just say you’ll support someone so they won’t have an abortion and then… instantly abandon them when the baby is born. Wanna read a REAL STORY from someone with a supposed “life ethic” who is now MAD that she has to take responsibility for the mother she coerced into not having an abortion. NOW THINK ABOUT YOUR EFFING “LIFE ETHIC” WHEN IT INCONVENIENCES YOU PERSONALLY! IS IT MAYBE ONLY A “LIFE ETHIC” IF IT’S SOMETHING YOU DON’T REALLY HAVE TO DEAL WITH FOR 18 YEARS?!??! 

In conclusion, get bent anti-abortion extremists. But also, when you’re building a moral philosophy maybe consider that compassion towards other people is fundamental to existence and to create a moral philosophy devoid of empathy towards others pain is a sham. But also, get bent.