Well it’s November and you know what that means: time to immediately start listening to holiday music!!!!! And also… the big Supreme Court docket is still… a ways away we know. But the thing about it is well… you see.. The future of reproductive rights IS on the line! So even though THIS VERY DAY a decision will not be made, it’s still time to start planning, activating, and speaking out.

That’s why we’re proud to be in a coalition with the Center for Reproductive Rights to defend Roe and the precedent set in Whole Woman’s v. Hellerstedt with the #MyRightMyDecision campaign and site.

Some background, we assume you’re not new here, but if so. Louisiana lawmakers passed a law IDENTICAL to the one that SCOTUS ruled unconstitutional in 2016. Yet for SOME REASON (I mean, we know the reason) the Supreme Court decided to hear this case too. WHAT HAS CHANGED WE WONDER? 

The case may be in late Jan or Feb… but there are a lot of actions you can follow by AGAIN going to the site. Do we need to say it a third time? Go to the site!

And when you’re done read this great interview with Dr. Yashica Robinson about being one of the last providers in Alabama

The fight is real and it’s urgent! Get involved!