Y’all we are back and ready to be as fabulous as ever!

In case you missed it in your nog-induced coma, the New York Times did a HUGE feature on “Personhood” and personhood laws that is really, really worth a read. And we’re glad the Times wrote about it, though, again, we wish they wouldn’t have dropped it in the newsuck of time between the holidays and New Years. CUZ EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT.

So what do we talk about when we talk about personhood: a bunch of anti-choicers who love fetuses, hate uterus-havers, and are just whatever on actual live kids. We basically imagine every anti-choicer who thinks that fetuses should be classified as “people” like this:

A dude standing by a kid begging for food and just like, walking past him to tell a pregnant woman she shouldn’t be drinking coffee while pregnant

A woman who literally can’t even say birth control, looking down on a person whose condom broke. And like, demanding that woman not even go pee so that no sperm comes out.  

Or a state with a like, very high infant mortality rate, deciding to double down on just making sure any jizz left in any sock be given the same rights as human women.

A politician who has like, ten advisors around him and they’re all being like “have exceptions for rape” and he just like, desperately, desperately doesn’t want to, like so badly. Cuz he’s so mad. He’s so mad at women for enjoying sex while his wife can’t EVER get off.

Does that point enough of a picture for you?

Anyway, we’re gonna keep fighting. We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s and that all your dreams come true this year! Our dream is for complete reproductive freedom and for all the politicians who want to end reproductive rights to never CUM AGAIN!