We’ve got a little anxiety y’all cuz it’s that time of year again where abortion bans go from a glimmer in their father’s eye to full term. Yes, out of hibernation are the sticky, shitty laws that didn’t pass last year but could… at any moment go through. Also it’s a fucking presidential election year so you KNOW these idiots are gonna be FLEXING trying to be like “See, look at us, we care most about babies! Women are just cum dumpsters now, it’s state law!” Nothing has officially gone through yet, but we can feel the anti-abortion trolls are about to take the bridge!

Until then, here’s the good and bad news happening now:


Trump is allowing Texas to deny people from using Medicaid at Planned Parenthood. Yes, definitely a thing a state should decide… who does and doesn’t deserve healthcare. Man, nothing more fun and chill than spending your time telling people they don’t deserve healthcare. 

Virginia baby, elections matter, and Virginia is FLEXING right now. They want to become an abortion safe haven… and be a place women, nonbinary people, and trans men can go to for abortion. DOPE! 

Look, we can’t comment on the presidential election but HILARIOUS joke that there is a group called Democrats For Life (we knew they existed obvs) and that they think THEY GET TO CONTROL BOTH PARTIES NOW. Naw trick, you’ve made your bed, get the eff out of ours. 

NEUTRAL: Illinois’ abortion rate went up! The only reason we don’t say this is good or bad is because like… it’s prob because states around Illinois got stricter. And  STOP MAKING TRAVEL HOURS AND HOURS FOR ABORTIONS! 

LAWFUL GOOD/CHAOTIC EVIL: South Carolina is trying to pass a heartbeat bill again this year. Chaotic evil. BUT a Democrat is stepping up and saying like “Cool bros, do this bill, just first, can we get the attorney general to say if this is actually legal… oh and, also, can he estimate how much money the state is gonna waste on lawsuits if this goes through.” LAWFUL GOOD!