We’ve been working hard to #ExposeFakeClinics for years! “Crisis pregnancy centers” prey on vulnerable pregnant people and attempt to confuse and mislead them into not having an “abortion.” They are insidious, their clerks disguised as fakely kind-hearted ladies who just want to talk and hear you out, except… no again, what they want is only one thing. It is not that you have a good life, it’s not that you feel comfortable, it is not that you have all the facts. It is that you do not have an abortion. So while, sure, some of them give like 10 diapers to people, that doesn’t excuse the fact that they LIE to people about abortion and try to scare them.

So anyway fake clinics are in the news AGAIN, because Title X, a program meant to helping with FAMILY PLANNING has decided that PLANNED PARENTHOOD (I mean, it’s ALL in the name) does not qualify any more because they provide abortion. And also that no places that even MENTION abortion should qualify. And so that means, federal money, that should be going to help people, that should be a bipartisan help, IS GOING TO THESE BULLSHIT FAKE CLINICS. They don’t provide birth control. They don’t really know what the word “planning” is beyond hoping that the rhythm method works.

Any way we did a little investigative reporting (EVER HEARD OF IT??) into some of the doctor’s on the board of fakest of fake clinics: Obria.  And LET US TELL YOU it is a veritable who’s who of “I would never use this doctor again.” First up we have Dr. Timothy “I would not take my dog to him.” Hindmarsh. Then we have Dr. Epifanio “2.9 was the best score of these doctors” Anzaldo. Oh and one more, Dr. Mary “Dont know how she can be a Doctor” Kotob.  These people deserve millions from Title X but yeah, god forbid Planned Parenthood MENTION ABORTION.

This bogus clinic getting funding is a good reminder to CHECK YOUR WORK even if you’re in the gov, and maybe don’t support places that ARE SO OBVIOUSLY BAD.

And donate to abortion funds.