“We’re just about giving pregnant people options!! Like the OPTION to do everything we say, or go to jail!” 

Yep, that’s what’s happening in Indiana right now and it is NOT really being reported on. Our friends in Indiana are following SB 299, a bill that has not yet become a law!

What it purports to say is, hey, look, we’re cool, we’re a cool politician you can trust, just like, hey, if you WANT to put a strainer under you every time you go to the bathroom after you take an abortion pill, then find a ziploc bag, then drive your products of conception to a clinic and make them cremate it, WE’RE COOL WITH THAT! Doesn’t that sound like a cool, fun process for everyone? Doesn’t it sound like something everyone definitely thought through before they wrote it into a bill?? Yeah, def. 

But see, even that weirdness, which seems to imply that people seeking abortion have infinity time on their hands, is a lie. Because here’s the synopsis of the bill:

“Fetal remains. Requires the state department of health to develop forms that provide: (1) that the pregnant woman has a right after a surgical abortion to dispose of the remains by interment or cremation or have the provider dispose of the remains; and (2) that after an abortion induced by an abortion inducing drug, the pregnant woman will expel an aborted fetus and set forth the disposition policy of the health care provider or abortion clinic.” 

OK but these FORMS, according to our friends in Indiana, DO NOT give “just flush it down the toilet” as an option. And so, this bill actually becomes, we’re forcing you to keep track of your products of conception at all times and never feel free to even have an abortion in your home without big government BEING THERE MAKING SURE YOU FIND A COFFEE FILTER AND NEVER USE AN AUTOMATIC FLUSH TOILET, OR ELSE!!!

AND FURTHERMORE, if you don’t have the money to afford to bury or cremate your products of conception…then you would HAVE to get that coffee filter and go into a clinic and AGAIN that is all just a huge huge waste of time for people who have JOBS and a life and maybe not infinity time to be monitoring their every bathroom break.

AND DOUBLE FURTHERMORE, our friends believe, and we’d tend to agree, that besides scaring patients, this bill is designed to punish clinics by going over with a fine tooth comb every pill they’ve given and pointing out if there’s any discrepancy in PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION that they cremated.

This is just the beginning of this bill and WE can make sure it doesn’t become a law.  Contact Indiana state senators and tell them you think this bill is dangerous!