BOOOOOOOOOO!!! No that’s not the sound of Nationals fans on Sunday… it’s the ghost of anti-abortion laws past. Those pesky laws that seem to NOT want to die and go away but are staying in court limbo forever! And even though they’re clearly unconstitutional GUESS WHAT TO LOCAL COURTS THAT DOESN’T ALWAYS MATTER! Take our friends in Ohio who are facing a clinic closure because the SUPREME COURT HAS DECIDED NOT TO TAKE A CASE? Do you have any idea how effing frustrating it is that these anti-abortion people 1. Waste everyone’s time in the first place by passing unconstitutional laws 2. GET AWAY WITH IT! 

URRRRRGHHHHHH! It’s the Frankensteins claiming to be “pro-life” while literally watching immigrant children being treated like GARBAGE. OR WORSE it’s the “I’ll adopt your kid, don’t worry” crowd ADOPTING PEOPLE’S KIDS WHO HAVE BEEN STRIPPED FROM THEIR PARENTS AT THE BORDER. AND you know what, we can’t say adoption here. Adoption is beautiful. This is kidnapping. This is holding a child hostage!

BAMMMMMM! CRACKKK! It’s the hidden deep agenda in the Louisiana Supreme Court case. We already knew it was a ridiculous test of the court’s integrity to retry a case that was ALREADY DECIDED IDENTICALLY in 2016. But there’s also a creepy spooky addition to this case: the other side wants to make it so providers can’t sue on behalf of their patients. That means to challenge an UNCONSTITUTIONAL anti-abortion law you’d have to be… someone who needs an abortion… not someone who has had an abortion…And it’s again, an example of not letting providers take care of their patients, shoulder the burden for them. It’s crap. 

~*~*Silence~*~*~ It’s the anti-abortion protesters in Mississippi! I mean, obvious JK, we’re sure they’re being loud as SHIT today as usual, but THEY AREN’T SUPPOSED TO because of a new noise ordinance! We’re sending all our love to the Pinkhouse Defenders, per usual, and keeping an eye on their page! You should too! Watch! Donate! Have a great Halloween and don’t let the ghouls get you down!