We read the best headline in the world today that we need to share with you, friends. “Ben Shapiro is headlining the March for Life. As a pro-lifer, I think that’s a huge mistake.” LOL FOREVER. Imagine thinking your side is right and then being like “Well, except for this literal lunatic.” Sure there’s occasional infighting on our side but it’s all like “Hmm, WHEN should we give people a $15 minimum wage” or “Are there MORE rights we should be giving people.” We’re not like the ridiculous anti-choice zealots who have to be like “We have a moral high ground… now real quick though if everyone our side could stop committing hate crimes, that’d be great.” Read this great investigation by Rewire about just how much of a nightmare the other side is! If your PR is women with straight hair and center parts, but your base is a bunch of guys in stained tees burning crosses… you might want to rethink if you’re on the right side, you know.

So, speaking of all zygote-lovers being embarrassments, David Daledian (we refuse to spell his name right but the “I am a real journalist, not a big poser” guy who released those BS, disproven Planned Parenthood videos) is in the news again. Seems he wants the titles of researchers who work with fetal tissue. DEFINITELY NOT TO HARASS THEM! I mean, we can def trust the guy who’s repeatedly made it clear that he has an agenda, right??

And we just wanna cap this off with the most embarrassing thing of all. Which is that all this fetal tissue research was gonna go towards… helping to cure HIV. And instead of caring about real people… the other side AGAIN decided that a fetus was the most important thing and that the ABSTRACT concept of the “dignity” of a fetus, was more important than actually saving lives. That might be the most embarrassing thing at all.